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Harro, all.

So, news with me: apartment moved into. Check. Workout program started. Check. SWTOR subscription temporarily renewed. Check.

Went to a friend's funeral today. I received a text Sept 2 indicating stuff had happened, was shocked by it. Today it sunk in. Went to the funeral, paid respects, made video of the eulogy. Problem: I am not an audio wizard. I need the distortions removed and maybe some parts made louder before I release it to the family as they've requested. I know I'm not an audio geek. Maybe someone of you is. I don't care about the video aspects. 

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So, I apologize I haven't used this thing as often as I should. I have been busy following the steps in that icon, and it has taken me a while to remember that I have people who follow me here. What have I been doing? It's kind of a long story.

Read more... )

In the meantime, and after spending since April living with [personal profile] mdlbear  et al while we found some place else to live, we have been successful in this endeavor. "You had an event on Facebook I saw called We're Moving! Again. and now it's gone. What's with that?" Well, that's got an answer too. )

Remembered that I have this, and will try to post more often. I still IM, email, and mostly text these days. My phone still works, and I only games on teh FB now with the occasional IM and event. If you would like to talk, or kibitz about the reality of things, or have any interest in an "After The Move" visit, please get in touch.

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The biggest problem right now is I'm broke. I'm really broke. I'm working on trying to get into places, I'm strongly considering re-enrolling in school with financial aid, and lots of other thing. There are several things that I'd *like*, but due to space limitations I don't need more stuff -- I need money. That's it in a nutshell.
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 I'm thankful for:
  • My loving partner, who has been a solid rock through some really shaky times and whose family is being more than supportive
  • My father surviving his argument with the manhole cover; only minor damage
  • My darling sister, and the fact we're on speaking terms still -- the borrowed movies are an extra reason.
  • A roof over my head
  • My monthly allowance that allows us to keep fed
  • The fact we have a car that works.
  • My mother, who loves us dearly.
What I miss most about the good ol' days of California and Grand Central Starport: The fridge. In all the years we didn't go to LosCon, there was always an abundance of snacks. Anything in the fridge was fair game, and the only times you had to ask for food were the days you knew it wasn't yours -- such as sushi put there as a reward for a good grade for one of us two adorable kids. If I wasn't sure whose it was, I'd ask.  Gone are the days when I would attend a festive meal at my folks' and leave with a partial pate full of bountiful tastiness. This year, that seemed to stop, whether it be from the fact that I need to learn not to take life (or food) from my parents' fridge for granted, or whether that be because I've somehow incurred the wrath of the housemates; life is changing.

May just be my imagination that this year is different and I may not get the same chances again. My world may just not be the same, and I may never get the same chances again.

For now, meatball sammich. Shutting up now.
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So, in case you're wondering: 

1) Yes, I turn 30 this year. Sorry if it makes you feel old.

2) I do have plans. If you're not a part of the facebook group Rainbow's End and you want to be, let us know and we'll add you.

3) If you're wondering what those plans are, reposted here for if you don't FB.

Q: What are you going to do for your birthday?
After much decision on my part, I thought instead of sushi (which has been my usual for many years) I would introduce you all to my favorite Mongolian Grill (602, Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA). It's a lovely little grill that reminds me very much of Sunny's in Santa Clara, CA. Tastes good; Alex and I can get decent-sized portions for about $25 (for two people. Dinner price). Exact time is still being nailed down, stay tuned.

They do lunches, and I am thinking because it's a Monday that dinner might be easier to give people time to arrive. It's in the QFC parking lot, so it's fairly easy to spot.

Q: What do you want for your birthday?

A: Presents aren't necessary. I mean, in the grand scheme of things if you feel that presents are a thing (which is common and polite in our species' society), your presence at dinner and the company would be enough. Desired gifts, if that is your thing: money is always useful and can be put to practical use, as I have quite a few uses for it. If you want to get me something tangible that isn't money, ask me off-line (via email or IM).

Q: Kat, can we come over afterwards to your apartment?

A: My living room may look somewhat presentable, though my office and kitchen are a bit of a mess. It's not very large either, so I don't know if we'd be able to accommodate a group of people afterwards. Also depends on how Alex is feeling.

Q: Can we discuss plans that don't involve going over to your apartment afterward?

A: Sure! Most likely on the day of. If you have a suggestion you want me to consider before then, let me know.

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Well, I've unearthed the mythical carpet beast, at least sort of. The book case my dad gave me is being used to hold chain stuff, some radio chargers and will quite possibly be the new host to weapon storage for our larping stuffs. At least with my gear. Not sure what Rabbit's going to do for his, because we still have to find it. Hope Mom has the Cowls done in time for October, but that's neither here nor there.

For now, it's enough that I have a living room. Carpet in the Office + counter space in the kitchen will be pending eventually. No, I am not posting pictures. I will growl at you if you ask for pictures. I've found it, and you'll have to take my word it exists.  
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Been too long since I updated. Here's where I'm at.
  • Room mates acquired. Nice living arrangement worked out.
  • School still sucks. Not done with it yet, and may have another couple quarters to go. 
  • Job obtained, but not paying. Which sucks. Not on workstudy, so no pay. Blows.
  • Still poor. Financial aid happened, which is good, but doesn't make me feel any better about my life.
  • I hate programming, which is weird because I did OK (C grades last quarter in my programming classes) and an 83% or better mid-way through this quarter [Jquery & PHP).
  • Job needs to happen that I get paid for, so I can do something exciting. This icon hasn't changed in a while for precisely that reason. The last time USArchive was hiring, nobody got back to me and it was such short notice that I didn't even see it until post-interview time. Sucks balls.
  • Cons: I don't go to any. Well, maybe NorWes, Conflikt, and Rainfurrest. That's it. 2-3 a year on average since moving to WA. I can't afford to because I don't have a job. 
  • Crafts: Haven't in a while. Still have that shirt that I've been working on, but it's in the garage somewhere and need to find it so I can finish it.
  • Updates: If you want  a more detailed one than what you find here, call me or send an email. I don't update as much as I used to, not from lack of trying. These days mostly because I'm too wiped when I get home to do so.
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 Once again, my life is not very interesting. I mean, getting paid $400 for a chain shirt project is interesting, but that'll be part of my tuition payment.  I need to figure out where I'll be living at the end of April, because that's when my lease runs out. I am liking the not having room mates thing, but I will revert back to that option if I have to. I still don't have a job, and I try to stay optimistic about getting one but everywhere I've looked has either already filled the positions, has some corporate BS via a website, requires a car and a drivers license, or just doesn't have the means to make that happen. I'm sort of hoping the parents manage to give me more information about this house-share they're planning with some other friends of theirs, and am fairly sure I'll be able to move there when that becomes an option (in the distant future, I've come to understand.)

I was invited to Orycon, but because of any details not being worked out last weekend, I didn't even find out that I was invited until I missed a phone call from my mom. Therefore, didn't go. I'll be seeing Wreck-it-Ralph tomorrow with s/o, then will be spending most of my afternoon either on craigslist looking for work, or on TOR goofing off because my brain will be sufficiently melted when I get done looking for shit to do on CL. *sigh* I hate my world right now. I mean, realistically...catching up on [personal profile] mdlbear 's blog has been great and everything, but seeing his success with $D makes me feel.....inadequate. Like I have to go to him and scrape for cash that I don't have with my paws held out like a beggar. Because that's what I am...or at least it feels that way. 

Life sucks. I accept that. But damn you, Murphy! Apply your law to someone who deserves it!
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I'm sorry I haven't updated almost all summer. I've been working my job search, and it's been fruitless. I've been cultivating my relationship with Rabbitson, and trying to make my life somewhat easier to deal with.

I've registered for school, taking only the one class this upcoming quarter. Management 101. Point of this is that being an online class, I'll still be able to focus on my job search.

Courtesy of the YS, I've been watching NetFlix. It's been something to watch.

If anyone wants to hang out and you have my number, feel free to give me a buzz and we'll reschedule.
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Living on my own is liberating, but kind of intimidating at the same time. [personal profile] mdlbear , Mom, and YS are moving up here. Not too happy about the last, but am going to get used to the idea that Starport is no longer a place I can return to and call it mine. It's going to be staying within the family, but not my family. Not sure that makes any sense.

I'm doing OK. I'm doing my own thing, but I haven't gotten around to making time to clean yet. That is my one weakness. I am working on it, and am going to try cleaning it up during my off-time. I'm also going to be looking for work. Fun times. 

Today's school day was all kinds of fucked up. It was horrible. My group wasn't prepared, but I'd heard that I was the best presenter of our group. I can't get over how horrible it was, especially since a retired member of Proctor and Gamble was there to judge us. Contest. Right. Yeah. We did badly, I think.

LARP this last weekend was awesome.
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 Hey, folks. Sorry I've not posted in a while. Here's an update. 

Moved in, got settled, have a guest bed now set up (small one), got things all over the place, looking into what I don't have and what I do. Relationship aftermath hasn't begun yet for some reason not in my hands, and I'm completely not sure what to do about the other half of this equation at this point in time. *sigh* Advice welcome.

Need to get in touch with/interview a project manager (or someone who has managed a project in) the business field. This is needed for an interview, and I would be appreciative of any help I can get on the subject. All interest can be sent to my email: kdsavitzky at gmail dot com. The idea is I need to choose someone I do not know very well/am not related to. Plenty of you I know through conventions and I know you have contact in the business world, so that won't be an issue. Dad, I can't use you for this because we're related.
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 I have a shiny! 

Turned in last of the paperwork. They said they don't need anything further, told me to get in touch w/ them the 27th. I told them I have a day all picked out, gave them the time block I had allocated in my day (1200 - 1600) to which got "You have a time this far in advance? OK...erm...When do you want?" 
"1500 (3pm)."
"OK. Done."

Squee! Stay tuned for further postings within the week about detailed move plans.  [personal profile] mdlbear  : Thank you!
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 See subject. Can't pay top dollar, but mine's developing a busted charge pin and I haven't got around to taking it in for repairs with finals and move prep.

Move: Pending.
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So, here's the word. I just got approved for a place out in Lynnwood. It's closer to school, within biking distance (4.7 miles, 38 min) or bus distance (4.1 miles, probably 15 min). 6802 feet for 1 bed 1 bath. I'm refraining from posting the address at this time because of paper snafus that still need dealing with.

I am, however going to make a PSA: Anyone who is willing to help unload the contents of the U-haul on the estimated move date of 3/30 (watch this space for confirmation of date and time) will be offered pizza for their services, thus having an impromptu house-warming party along the theme of potluck/BYOB.

It will give me an extra 4 hours in my day to either do homework, have a social life, sleep, or cook. All of which I could use.

For now, leave comments containing the following.

a) Whether or not you wish me to notify you via following for addy change (choose 1)
  • text
  • social networky thing (bookFace, G+, etc)
  • email
  • snail mail 
b) Interested in the move helping process
  • start
  • finish
c) None of the above, but Mazeltov!


Mar. 3rd, 2012 10:06 am
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I'm sorry if it seems like I'm blowing people off. I'm under a ton and a half of stress right now, and any plans made at the moment are random and spontaneous. You want my attention, my cell still works and I'm more likely to answer it. I will not make any promises to be anywhere at any time. I'm tired, I'm under stress, and if y'all don't like it you can take a walk somewhere else.

Please understand I'm not trying to hate anyone in particular; I'm just making plans as they come up and haven't gotten back to people because I can't remember (due to the stress) who I said I'd get back to.

I can only say "I'm sorry" so many times before even I get tired of hearing it.
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...and rather than obviously saying "Money, and life to work", I'm gonna say...

Amazon Wish List...because I can.
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Well, fuck. [personal profile] mdlbear realizes it's a catch-22 situation -- I can't look for a job until you have a place to live, and I can't get a place to live unless I have a job. I have no tolerance for room mates anymore (mostly because of past roomies before present one) and don't really want to pursue that option unless I have no other choice. There's progress on that front, that I will detail later.

Meanwhile, this week's assignment for MGMT 240 is: "OPEN FORUM! Talk about anything you want - Facebook, YouTube, your Blog... whatever! What has caught your attention so far this quarter about E-Marketing?"

My response. )

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I was told to create another meaningful post on my blog, so I'm doing so. Let me sum up.
  • I still want to go snowboarding. Grr.
  • I'm looking for a new place. The fact I'm not able to entertain folks at my current domicile is annoying to me.
  • I've created a new RSS feed of [personal profile] mdlbear's concerts, for a school project. Linked to from my website.
  • I've added a link to said website for my Youtube channel, so you can find the awesome video.
  • I'm hating my programming class and want it to die in a ball of fire.
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This is only one of my new things, and I'll post lyrics to the other one later.

Come To Conflikt © chaoswolf 2012

TTO: Come Together by Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Here come old Creed Lombard.
He come grooving up slowly.
He got little banjo on back.
He one good singer.
He got child down below his knee.
Got to be a filker to just play what you please.

He wear no shoe shine.
He got big filk circle.
He drink diet cola.
He use no guitar picks.
He say I hear you, you hear  me.
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Talis album production.
She got new shiny.
She got good sound crew.
She one cool person.
She got fans down below her knee.
Hold you in your seats so you can hear sing please.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Dixon's new guitar.
He got nice new strings.
He got old songbook.
He one old filker.
He say. "One song, one song, one song sing me."
Got to be singin' cause he's so rare to see.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.
Come to Conflikt.

On a completely different note (well, OK. At con note), I uploaded a music video of The Reckoning by Steve Dixon. Used by permission. The "stereo Signing" is bloody awesome. More con notes to come later.

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Been a while since I posted one of these, huh...? Mkay. Long list, so here's the highlights. Meaning )
  • School has started. I've got a nice class setup for the e-commerce class (all online) , a horrible layout/professor for my Intro to Programming class (up to my ASCII in Micro-$loths) and have a terrible project to work on but am currently stumped. Oh, and my Bus101 class: I'm doing well in that too. Last 2 quizzes = 18/20, 16/20. Take-home essay exam thingie due on the 1st, so get to do that. Get to take video of something/someone this weekend, and will use for educational purposes since it's for a project in my E-commerce class. I'm doing well in school so far this quarter, but am seriously hating Nico and his $lothiness.

  • Conflikt <---- an excuse to see [personal profile] mdlbear again, and my mother. An excuse to see people I would otherwise need to wait a year for. A chance to extend wedding mazeltovs to moshez since I haven't seen him in a long time. (Since last year, I think.) A chance try breaking my father with a new filk. Hey...I have enough material for a Two-Fer! Of my own! YAY! Think on school, try to get stuff done, ask for help with the damn project from hell that refuses to die...piece of kindling I mean...erm. Yeah. Enough about that. Enjoy myself. Yes.A chance to do something out of the ordinary is always good, and I don't consider school ordinary. I consider sitting on my keetster and playing computer games to be ordinary, OTOH I've had a bit too much homework recently to make ordinary happen regularly. Must remember to write interview questions for Bear.

  • Snowboarding: I wanna go so bad...damn furmeet having it on a Monday. I can't skip class, no matter how badly I want to get away from Nico. Damn conscience. I have my own gear this time.

  • TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read):
    • Keys found.
    • I'm back in school and more or less having fun.
    • Conflikt: Filkers R Us!
    • Snowboarding: I wanna go.


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