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...or something like that.

Resolutions for 2011: I'm not going to make any solid commitments, as I tend to break 'em.

Reviewing the last year: Don't really want to. I feel it sucked too much to review it in full.

Projects I'd like to finish:
- chain shirt
- car repairs (assuming job and funding happen, otherwise this won't)

And....that's all for now.

1342 -- EDIT: I'm apartment complex isn't.... )

0103.0133 EDIT: Update on L: It's bad. I wasn't told how bad yet, but I don't think she'll make it. I was told she's in a medically induced coma, and that the burns she sustained (AFAIK) are all internal, so said the cop I spoke to. Slightly more detailed version of the story here with a bit more information. Still no word on cause that I know of. L the Roomie had to identify the father's body, and took it hard. 

I am trying to stay out of  any crossfire that breaks out between LtR and NtR (tR= the Roomies). May need a distraction of getting out of here and spending time somewhere else, even if it is just a few hours. I can bring DVDs or Magic cards.

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Update: I extend a very warm thank you to [ profile] mdlbear   for bringing Cindy up, and taking L and I out to dinner. I appreciated it immensely, despite the fact i got rather homesick and teary-eyed after you left. I love you all, and every time I think about home for some reason, tears always comes to my eyes. I miss my mate [ profile] selkit , my family, my gaming, my pizza days, my space, my hangout pictures of [ profile] selkit , my friends..... my social groups....Wednesdays.....parties.....SCA events, the filk...the cons.......everything. I miss it all. There's nothing I can do about my homesickness. 

RIP --- Duke Theodrik. AKA: Derek Peterson.

Job hunt:  I got a call from Cost Plus this morning. I answered whether I was willing to take 2 days a week with shifts starting at 0300, and if I was capable of working from 2200 to 0600 the rest of the week with positive responses and enthusiasm. The interview itself ifs set up for Wednesday morning (this week) at 0800. If you wish to be kept informed on the results of that interview; your options are to either watch this space or call me later that day.
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I just found out from [ profile] mdlbear's blog that my aunt died 2 days ago. I didn't know Barb that well, but of all the things I'm thankful for, I'm glad she at least got to attend my wedding and had a good time at it.
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Now that I think about it, I did meet him. Once. [ profile] ohiblather's picture reminded me that I had seen him. At NorWesCon. I went to a little open filking on Friday night, saw [ profile] tfabris and [ profile] vixyish and several others, listened to his rendition of a parody of The Girl That's Never Been. I just got off the phone with [ profile] flower_cat, who told me who he was. I didn't recognize the name, but after seeing the picture of him, I now remember meeting him.

Rest in Peace, Dr. Filk.

In other news: [ profile] asahoshi took me out to the VW Cruise with her mate J and her son D. I had a blast. I also got a new bed, which means I won't have to sleep on the floor again.
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Went off to shower. Came back, missed a call from Led while I was in the shower. He called me during his lunch break about 2 minutes ago and I was told that our #1 choice of residence had someone else in line before us, and seeing that it was the only one in the complex, it went quickly. So that's a no-go. The hunt is still on. We have a few options left, I know where the keys are, called [ profile] jenkitty and let her know that if I wasn't here when she got home from work, I'd be out looking with Led. I might be lucky enough to attend her show this week, but I'll have to see how quickly within the 10 days everything works out. Keep watching this space. EDIT 2304: got back around 2200 from an evening with Led. Been told he's picking me up tomorrow after class for us to drop off the applications at our 2nd choice of residence. The idea is that they are "bending over backwards" to get us moved in, and hopefully we should be in by Tuesday. Keep watching this space.

And someone named Mimi Stewart who I went to school with is dead. I knew her in passing, but only to a small degree. She was one of the 12 people involved in the brawl I mediated in 2003, where everyone had everyone else's back up with problems. Woke up to a phone call, went to shower, (missing the 1st call from Led and this 2nd phone call from someone else telling me of her passing). *Shrug* Battle due to cancer, and lost.
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It's over. Taken from [ profile] selkit's LJ:
"At 5:50 PM MST, today, she peacefully went, surrounded by friends and family alike, honored as best as we all could in the present atmosphere."

When I spoke to him shortly after it happened, he told me "she was pleased to have you as a daughter-in-law." I couldn't have asked for better.

I've spoken to [ profile] sailorv61 about 3 minutes before, to discuss the Prius and the amount of space. I'm handling well. For now.

Will be hanging online for the moment.


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