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Hi, all. I'm coming back to California to visit Chez Starport from Dec 17 to Jan 2nd. Plans seem to be booked solid on the 17th, taking at least one Thursday to go to KoC karaoke, Wednesdays and obvious parties (Xmas/New Years) fairly open. Those of you who want to meet up, comment/call/contact me somehow and I'll try to slot you in. Itinerary details made available upon request.
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The official answer is: "Yes." I missed last year because of timing, opportunity, and lack of finances. This year, my finances are still a wreck, but I've just been laid off and need to spend time with my family in order to stay motivated. So, I'm getting a ride from a friend between 1 and 2 in the morning (Wed morning) and will be driving in a car for 18 hours. I'll arrive either late tomorrow night @ Starport, or sometime Thursday. I know the con doesn't start until Friday, but that's not the point.

Anyone who wants to share drinks with me at the con, get in touch with me via my cell. I won't be working it this year, and I may be attending more panels than at any previous [ profile] baycon because my parents are fan GOH and I've got a few notable authors on my list of panels I should attend. Emmy is working ConSuite, I think...and my parents are GOHs. I'm not going to be a gofer this con. I am to have fun, damnit!
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Cut because I'm tired. )

Aside to select individuals:
  • [ profile] kendaer: I'll be talking to you via email re: the shirt you wanted for Legacies. I am learning a pattern in my copious spare time (*snerk*) and currently don't have enough aluminum to make it with. More details on that later.

  • [ profile] runnerwolf: More details on gofur stuff will be forthcoming when you're ready for it. If I'm still living up here in a year, I'd love to help with this con.

  • [ profile] vixyish: I will contact you in the next month or so to possibly discuss particulars of a necklace you wanted from me a few months back. Purple chain, Euro 6-1 pattern etc. Once your life calms down a bit, I mean (that whole 2 cons in 1 week thing.)

  • [ profile] pacfenspotlight: I will PM you or comment on your LJ when I have my [ profile] alexanderfans pics posted, as you wanted shots of Alec.

That's all for now. I'm tired and need to go to bed.
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Ok, now that I've gotten the Jar-Jar moment out of my system, it is confirmed that I am returning to Starport on Wed Dec 16 and staying until Jan 3, 2010. If you are a bay area yokel who wants to meet up for coffee/a night out/karaoke/whatever, leave a comment/send email/give me a call and we could discuss details. Otherwise I'll be packing stuff up for shipment to my home up in the Great Icy North (Redmond).

Aside to [ profile] mdlbear: 2 things: mom mentioned a new sushi place that we haven't tried yet, and 2nd: I will give you a paw with dishes and hopefully make that part a lot easier.


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