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  Wanna go snowboarding.

Board. Check.
Boots. Check.
Gloves. Check.
Goggles. Check.
REI Membership card. Check.
Financing. Check.
Map/Location: Check.
Free weekend/Friday. Check.
Ride. No check.

Long as I get to go at least once this season, I'll be content.
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Worst thing that's happened all year: keys snapped off my belt in California. Lost the night I went to karaoke. The peoples who had my keys no longer do, thinking that my address was on them (which they weren't, since my student ID was there but my state ID wasn't.) Guess I will start keeping them on a leather wristband instead of on the belt.

Things to do: get new keys.....grr.
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Today is the Starportian New Year's Bash, which starts at noon and goes until ? (where ? = whenever the last person up decides to throw people out.) [ /end PSA ] I haven't posted much about my time in Starport, and I admit I should.

Firstly, I'm having a blast. Secondly, I'm enjoying being around my parents. I haven't had an opportunity to deck my sister, and don't really want to, I just wish she'd pull her head out of her arse and dump the UBF (defined in my father's notes) after  hearing her openly lie about what happened....I'd rather see her move out forever before I consider moving back in. I've had a blast, gotten multiple sets of pants and shirts that aren't bleach-colored, and had almost an entire case of beer purchased just for the occasion. Tasty pizza, tasty food in general, a chance to step into a culinary trap and cook, a chance to see old friends, attend parties that I would otherwise not be able to attend, and have a damn good time. I've had no reason to deck my YS, though I admit it has been tempting. I do miss a good Pathfinder game, but that's besides the point and I'll get one when I return. I got a new Munchkin deck, taught my father to play Munchkin, and have a few things work out that I didn't expect to have work out. Nobody really needs to know the details, all because it's my fun to be had, not because I don't love my readers enough to share. 

Culinary details: Mom said to go find something to make for dinner. She kinda jokingly inferred it was my turn to cook. I went out to the kitchen and found food, but it wasn't really something to cook. I went to the back freezer, to find some food. I found a "mystery meat" and brought it back to her for identification. She told me it was a brisket, and asked me what I intended to do with it. I shrugged and said I didn't know, handing her a cookbook to try and find me something. After she flipped through it and found a recipe, I stared @ it for a moment before shutting it and finding another book. 
"You don't want to cook that?" 
"I'm not in the mood for stew. I have a fully loaded kitchen, I wanna use it! I live with WIMPS!" (wimps = those who don't eat spicy things. Ever.)
"Alright, alright. I'll shut up, stay out of your way, and let you cook." Five minutes later, she hears me laughing crazy-like. "Found something?"
"Sweet & sour brisket, served with a side dish of pasta marinara thus getting the starch, vegetable, and meat all in two dishes." Turns out I hadn't cooked the brisket all the way through during the searing, and I had to tone down the sauce with a full cup of brown sugar. Using Mom as a wimp-o-meter didn't really help, but I managed to make it edible after the blackened mass of sauce was removed from the oven. After a quick de-glazing of the sauce and some help from the Bear I managed to make the tastiness. It was delicious, though Emmy had to stick to ketchup on her meat.

Resolutions: I don't make them, but I hope next year doesn't start out with a fire at my place of living. 

Things I want to do next year: 
  • learn to play my guitars (electric and acoustic)
  • attend LARP with my friends
  • attempt a snowboarding trip
  • continue and pass school to finish this business manglement management ATA
  • Go to at least one con
  • connect with my northern family (the relatives in the north)
  • attempt another visit to Starport without my sister present
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Written by a friend of mine, [Bad username or site: spazzychic:  @] 

 I was the very model of a LARP Goddess Professional
My antics and my wordplay was passing in congressional
I know the kings of England, and I fought the fights historical 
The rules of play at SA familiar categorical

I'm very well acquainted, too, with matters mathematical, 
I understand equations, both the hit points and quadratical, 
About Styigian politics I'm teeming with a lot o' news, 
With many cheerful facts about devouring the enfant-newbs
I'm very good at integral and differential politics; 
I know the scientific names of beings and their supernatural cliques: 
In short, in matters pretendy fun, and OOG playerful, 
I was the very model of a LARP Goddess Professional


Dec. 7th, 2011 06:18 pm
chaoswolf: (Default) a funny thing when it's done hastily, or when it's set in jell-o, or when it's eaten by unexpected things. I've had a few plans in the works for things I've wanted to get done when school was out, and had those quickly turned to jell-o. One such plan was to go shopping for a bike with [personal profile] technoshaman , which hasn't happened due to his impulses to help [ profile] pocketnaomi piece her reality back together. Not that I blame him, but I would love to try looking for a bike before the end of the year since I'm only here till the 16th. Leaving for CA is now set in stone, as it were; as is my return date of 01/02. Tickets are bought, plans are set. On the other paw, we can probably do it on a Friday after I get back, since once again I have no school.

Meantime, I'll try to make things happen with other friends and hope to get a chance to talk to techno a bit later but before I leave. Cest la vie.
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zomg, it's dark outside. Why am I awake? Why was I awake @ 4am...and why am I cheerful?

OK, I'm done now.
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Hi, all. I'm coming back to California to visit Chez Starport from Dec 17 to Jan 2nd. Plans seem to be booked solid on the 17th, taking at least one Thursday to go to KoC karaoke, Wednesdays and obvious parties (Xmas/New Years) fairly open. Those of you who want to meet up, comment/call/contact me somehow and I'll try to slot you in. Itinerary details made available upon request.

Web stuff

Nov. 21st, 2011 12:51 am
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Finally got off my arse and did a bit of maintenance to my primary site. Fixed the HTML on the contact page, cleaned it up, and posted lyrics to the long-awaited Conchair's Lament that I wrote at this year's Conflikt. (waves at [ profile] ryuuaja ) I promise, the lyrics to Lassie will also get posted. Experimentation with different gallery type program things over xmas will perhaps lead to something better than DeviantArt that I can use on my domain.
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So, school is going well. My last 2 math quiz scores have been a A, and a B. Not bad, all considering. After this graphing chapter, we're gonna start programming. Going to do math homework today, and some Excel homework later tonight for the present chapter (and take the quiz.) Also need to finish reading my management stuff and take the quiz for that, but we'll see how far I get today.

Pathfinder. A new (to me) game system. My friend J from my math class bought a Pathfinder Beginner's Box @ Wandering Havoc Games last night, and I spent the $50 on a core book for that as a reward for good grades in math. First encounter was killing a few goblins; 2 shortswords, 2 dead lizards, and 2 belt pouches each containing 2 gold. Waiting til Monday for next game fix. And J bought me new dice. Maybe Thursdays will become campaign days. Dunno.

Financial Aid. This finally came through. About bloody time. I hate the red tape, but alas it may be in existence for a reason.

Chain Shirt: gah. I've worked on this recently, now have the pattern as my phone's wallpaper. Lots of progress made, but it's still not done.

Holidays: We're not gonna go there.
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Today was awesome in the respect I received a 96% on my math quiz. That brightened my day. I was supposed to go to a thingie @ my room mates' church this evening to hang with my friends.I went in my wolf suit(the little grey wolf I've named Chain). I managed to impress people, and that made it awesome.

However, there was this one little child, probably no more than 8....kept tugging my tail. I felt his hands against my chest (perhaps accidentally, but possibly not,) got poked in the eye socket of my suit (which fortunately missed my eye by a few inches), and finally cuffed across the muzzle. The rest of the night wasn't worth it. A random goer-by of the thingie asked about me and whether I was okay, saying she knew the kid and would have a discussion with his mother. I nodded and let it pass. [ profile] asahoshi knows me well enough to press for details when something's wrong. I told her, and wished I'd stayed home to do homework. [ profile] aphinity warned me there'd be suiting days like this....
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It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry about that. I haven't had much to say. Or maybe it's because I'm just so fucking homesick that I can't deal with saying anything about the fact I miss [personal profile] mdlbear and home so much. Enough about that shit. You don't want to hear about it. It's my fault I moved...but it doesn't mean I like it. Just me making my peace...I miss you all.

The short version is the list. The long version is behind the cuts.
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Highlights (in no particular order.)
  • Met family, Dad's side. Lots of cousins that I didn't know/didn't remember I had. Lots of "I want a copy of  CC&S
    • sold chain mail bracelet to one of my cousins.
    • Had really good fish, 2 days in a row.
  • Celtic Fest out in Hoodsport, thereabouts.
    • Had delicious yet crunchy hefferwiezen, which wasn't bad.
    • bought new renfair-ish shirt, backup garb for SA
    • got fitted for a new kilt (not utilikilt, but close enough.) didn't buy it due to lack of funds.
  • Got checks in mail as allowance/text book offset.
  • Started reading Warriors by Erin Hunter. Good series. Need to start book 3.
  • Cleaned my room (again).

Sadly, nothing new to report that I can sum up easily. I've been feeling a good deal of depression recently, and I've no idea why. I don't know if it's because of my recent lack of relationship, sleep deprivation, boredom, homesickness, or sheer "I don't want to do anything." It could be a combination of all these things, but I would <3 to figure out why. That's neither here nor there, I suppose.

Aside to [personal profile] technoshaman : I meant to stay longer in Seattle today, but due to a nearly dead phone battery was deciding to head home from there. We should perhaps schedule dinner and w00t shirt retrieval another time.

Aside to self: finish the chain shirt. Take a few pics, and try to sell the damn thing. Really, you'll deserve to sell it, you've put in enough hours. Work on website when motivation = found. Hmmm...Is that what I should do with Make it my chain mail store thingie? Hmm.....will ask [personal profile] mdlbear about that sort of thing. Yes. Later.

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 Lobster finds home. Old lobster, but....shucks.

Sorry, more meaningful posts will come later.
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 Hey, folks. I'm looking at trying to get a new netbook soon, and I have had mixed experiences with Apple, Lenovo, and Toshiba in past. Any netbook-wielding geeks out there got any suggestions?

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Well, more or less. I've aged another year. Dinner was good, tomorrow will be good with sushi, and my plans will happen involving FBQs and fur meets. (For those of you non-furs, a FBQ stands for FurBQ.)

This is a great quote sequence in reference to the upcoming Saturday:

Quote behind the cut. )Quote behind the cut. )Quote behind the cut. )
Is that where you put a Furry on a spit and cook it til all the muppet fur falls off? :twisted:
My response: 

ICEBERG wrote:Is that where you put a Furry on a spit and cook it til all the muppet fur falls off? :twisted:

No. We all get into suits and play twister as Helios BBQs the people under the Fur. Hence why it's a FBQ.

As for other plans throughout the month and then some: 

  • Tomorrow: Meeting with Raikon (another furry) for brunchy thing/hanging out followed by dinner with [personal profile] technoshaman  in celebration of the above-mentioned notch on the sword, spend night in Seattle.
  • Friday: return home to Marysville, get fur suit from where it resides and attempt to piece it together while waiting for the FBQ on 
  • Saturday: Go to FBQ from noonish to 1700ish. Frisbee, noms, furries, art, and stuff.
  • Sunday: Meet up with friend Leo and hang out with him, crash @ his place, return home tomorrow.
  • Monday: recover from weekend, get sleep for tomorrow
  • Tuesday: Orientation. Yay. For fall quarter. Fun fun. (Looking forward to going back to school, not looking forward to the rest of it.)
  • Try to make plans for Epic Movie Night on the 16th of Jul, ditto for Bellevue Fur Meet take 2 on the 23rd (jul), somewhere in there remember to buy RF membership
  • after off to Kansas or wherever and hang out with [ profile] wolfwings  for a bit.
  • September: return sometime before school/RF, go buy books, get excited because I'll see my parents at the con
    • Try to figure out how the hell I'll manage to swing getting to the con Thursday night and back to school Fri if my schedule leads that direction. Bleah.
    • Hope I'm back for game...need to confirm with Wolf on that.


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 Awesome weekend. So awesome in fact that over the course of one day, I've misplaced my cell phone. Motoblur is nice, but doesn't do anything when the phone's battery is dead. I'll give it a few days, see if it turns up. Posted on the Furlife group, RF mailing list in a few different places, hoping it'll turn up by the end of the week.  I had too much fun, and didn't realize it was even gone until I was getting out of the suit at the parade's end today.

[personal profile] mdlbear : I remember buying insurance in event of me being stupid like this. 

Weekend highlights:
- Friday: Party @ J & D's. Boffer practice, drinking, and a movie I didn't understand. Crashed there over night.
- Saturday: Fur meet @ Safyras' place. Drinking, suiting, Duel of The Planeswalkers Xbox, crashed over night.
- Sunday: Tale end of Fur Meet @ Safyras' place, displaced cell phone. Borrowed suit Archmage and attended parade. Displaced phone in 1 of 3 places; Safyras' place, Gene's car, or in a box of fursuits. There was a lot of chaos involved, but I swear I didn't have anything to do with the car.
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  • During the last few weeks or so (since end of March, just a bit before), I've been getting settled in to my new digs at Chez Dixon. As I predicted, most of my tax refund went toward move costs, and dealing with paying off Led for my share of the bills that weren't paid/hadn't been paid due to various reasons that I won't go into, because that's in the past, and done!
    • As a side note to all my LARPy friends for SA: I live in Marysville now, closer to [ profile] asahoshi  and [ profile] drakk_draconian in a place that doesn't have a horribly steep incline driveway.
    • In other news, I'm still working on de-cluttering my room, which has become over-run with boxes. Go fig. Happens after a move, right? The de-cluttering process? Now to find my drill so I can put my desk back toget--never mind, that won't work. Not enough space to tip the desk over. Hmmm...
  • Also during the last few weeks, I've been trying to keep tabs on the drama unfolding @ Starport with [personal profile] mdlbear  and my sister. Not saying that my parents are idiots, but I feel like my sister is definitely an airhead in this regard. I give kudos to both my parents for their extreme patience in dealing with this @$$h01e she is dating, but I strongly advised them to pack his stuff in a box and kick it onto the curb. Not happening, but I tried.
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  • Reality Bites Back -- Murphy's Law and the Chew Toys: This is the most recent news between me & [identity profile] On the one paw, circumstances have been less than ideal because Murphy feels the need to make everything harder than it was already. On the other...I don't really want to go there. A learning experience; good because it had a lot of positive memories/moments and bad because of the strain it put us both through. A piece of me will always be with him, even if our paths never cross again in reality. Advice had been heard, parts of it may have been followed while others of it were ignored. I don't want to make a scalding post against him, I just ask you understand this is the way it is because Murphy decided to chew on us. Sean, I don't blame you. I never will. I feel it's my fault it didn't work. I am truly sorry.

  • Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years [Impending move II (as it's my second move and numbered thusly)] -- stated in this post, I'm too busy acting on survival instincts to attempt preparations for the impending move; which is happening by/before end of March (new location Marysville). Don't get me wrong, I love Redmond. The problem is the apartment complex. You may remember my earlier post that is one of the two major deterrents from living here. The other...well,'s just way too damn expensive to live here now. Rent is now either $1050 or $1100, that I just simply don't have the means to afford anymore (it was $962 when we got it initially in April 2009). I am grateful to Dix and [identity profile] asahoshi.livejournal.comfor the offer of space, [identity profile] and her minion E for offering to help with the transportation issues surrounding the move, [personal profile] mdlbear and Mamacat for being so supportive, and Grimm for buying my knives so I have enough $ to scrape by with until circumstances change.

  • conflikt was a fantastic con for me. We didn't see [identity profile] or [identity profile], but we did have one hell of a filler: the one and only [identity profile] I am extremely impressed with the bard's music over the last year.
    • Friday, I was waiting for [identity profile] asahoshi.livejournal.comand company to show up. I'm wearing my tail, and after stopping by the dealer's den to confirm my favorite bard was at his table, I went upstairs to trade a few words with Dad and get my fur suit. Walked back downstairs and showed up and I think he said "Because nobody in their right mind would bring a fur suit to a filk con." He's correct: I'm right handed, so in my left mind. Hehe. Dinner with the [personal profile] mdlbear followed by some really interesting concerts. I was a big fan of Cecelia Eng and Steve Dixon's sets, as they were a nice mix. Black Davey's Ride done earlier in the night followed by Our Mrs. Reynolds (which, for those of you who don't follow Serenity/Firefly is a song about Mal's wife set to the same tune) was just bloody awesome. Awesome filking later on during the open filk, followed by me going to bed @ ~0230 or so.

    • Woke up Saturday morning (uncertainty what time exactly) to have breakfast with the 2 Ds and a J mentioned above (who were my room mates at the con). Got back to the hotel, placed an Interfilk bid or 3, enjoyed every waking moment. Not to mention spending more time with my parents. Had interesting time playing messenger and getting shot, but that was fairly irrelevant due to the fact that con weddings are win when over with. Um...Interfilk voice auction resulted in me & asahoshi getting into a bidding war over a holographic Matrix poster. She started the bidding rather low at $1, then I think I upped it to $5, then 6, then 10, til finally I won it @ $25. Interesting we were the only two bidding on this...*shrug* Mom & Dad donated some of their mutant lemons, which went for a whopping $20. Being that these lemons are infamous, I thought that they'd be worth more. Wrong. Dinner was awesome, mixed with discussion and followed by The Bard's amazing concert. The last 4 songs of his set were Daughters of Angels (which I was busy stuffing my face through), Animals All The Same, (which I was jamming hard near the stage in a bomber jacket/suit), Blood and Passion (again, nomming), and Hymn To Herne (more nom). I may have the order wrong on the last 4, but I know I have my actions right during the songs. My biggest regret about that night aside from the bomber jacket and air guitar on my tail was that I wimped out early for music and didn't get to do dawn patrol.

    • Sunday. That was interesting. Wedding that we slept through ( I didn't really know the couple, and I was hungry), music that I scribbled right before lunch followed by last minute bidding wars on things in the silent IF auction between me, asahoshi and her mother over pens, chocolate covered espresso beans, and candy. I got the pens and chocolate espresso beans. I was borrowing asahoshi's copy of the Heather Alexander song book, then grinned as I finished the lyrics. Lunch ends. We come back to the hotel, I go into the Dealer's room.

      Me: Aja, you going to be at the smoked salmon?"
      Aja: "Yes, of course."
      Me: "Good." and smile knowingly. I have a surprise for you.
      Aja: "I know that look. That's the 'I'm going to have to kill you' look."
      Me: "Yep."

      Shortly thereafter, I smoked him that night with Working On A ConCom. I got points! And his blessing to post it to his fan community. Last time I did this, it was at a NorWesCon in an open filk circle (Lassie Are Ya Tunin. Lyrics for Working On A ConCom will be posted the next time I actually open my song book, which I've not been feeling up to doing since con due to depression/panic.) I'm seeing a pattern here. Savitzkied. Not quite the same ring as Kanefed, but similar effect. Both times, I was singing in front of my idol and I was trembling with stage fright. The fact I had alcohol in my system both times was purely coincidence (IMO).

  • C:tGY [Move II (con't)] -- Move details are pending. Post-con shenanigans include trying to help as best I can of getting the space I'm moving into cleared out, stuff packed into boxes, and will need to have a discussion with the current room mates about when (approximately)I can dismantle the kitchen and pack up my stuff, since most of it's mine. My biggest issues with the current amount of stuff I have is the dresser, amount of clothing, the desk, and a hope chest. I'm hoping I can take the desk apart and reassemble inside my small room, but getting it in there is going to be a trick and a half given the size of the hallway. May have to put it on craigslist or something. *sigh* then spend money for a new desk...wait -- the card table is mine. Yeah, reality bites like that. I'll be trying as much as I can to attempt to move stuff from here to there so I have less to do come next month. Will most likely start bunkering down and doing all of that packing crap after the 20th, as that's when it becomes crunch time for me. I'll also need to score some packing tape I have duct tape. That'll do. There will be a separate posting on move details (possibly even a filker filter) of its own. Now for the question (modified slightly since I'm a free subscriber):If I created a move post tag/filter, would you want to be on it? Options are Yes, No and Clicky. If you give me the latter of the three, I'll be looking for a smart-ass or otherwise humorous answer saying what Clicky means to you. (can also include yes/no answers, if you're so inclined.) Second half of that question is filter or tag: why you'd prefer your answer.

  • Gadget lust [new cell phone] -- the one I have is an old school Sony Ericson W750. It sucks. It has a non-standard (all the phone chargers are now micro USB now, IIRC) charger/USB cable, my USB cable craps out on me when I attempt to charge it, the wall charger is bulky and awkward, and the phone constantly says it has an invalid SIM card. Initially, I wanted the Motorola Backflip, which I learned has been discontinued. The Motorola Bravo appears to be it's successor, camera somewhat more fail-sauce than the Backflip, but if that's the only thing I'm sacrificing...I'm not going to complain. I hate my Ericson so much, and the Moto Bravo has a thingie that lets you locate it! That's a function I will actually use! If I get dumb and leave it in a pocket or plain sight, I can find the damn thing.Want! 'Course, I need to talk to Dad and see about the possibility of getting this done before I move (the issue will be that I'll need to have $70 on me or in my account I can pay with to walk away with it same day and I'm currently broke.) Hopefully, this will happen. I want to shoot my Ericson. I like the idea of having a wi-fi enabled phone, and a functioning QWERTY keyboard. I hate having to press a button 4 times for one letter, more in the case of a 1. Grr.

  • Taxes: Oh yeah. About that. I'll still have to file. It'll be interesting and slightly delayed because I have to wait for my dad to ship up a copy of my tax return from last year (since I asked him nicely to file for me.) Once he does, I'll do it (for the first time)on my own. Bleah. However, based on my sorta income (2 short-lived jobs I had that paid well, relatively) and sponsor membership @ FC 2010, I may be looking @ $349 in ITR (Income Tax Refund). Here's hoping I don't have to chuck it all toward space @ Dix's and I can actually spend it on something useful (driving lessons or sanity checks.) Anyways, now that I've made everyone depressed, I'm going to shut up now. May the rest of 2011 not suck, please?
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 Heyo. I've been busy. Been dealing with shit and having my own bundle of problems, namely of which I'm still unemployed and may be about to lose my place to live. I seem to remember you (or was it your room mate, whose name I can't recall) mentioning something about a willingness to help me if I needed it.
Living here is starting to become increasingly painful, not to mention a lease being increasingly expensive. I've been unable to find a job, I've been unsuccessful at learning to drive and have probably another 3 months to attempt that before needing a new learner's permit/lessons that I can't afford. I have a car that I may need to sell since I can't drive the damn thing (and have to get new tags for that I don't know if I can afford).
2 of my room mates had a semi-falling out. N has (finally) moved out, and we'll probably be losing the current place end of March due to neither me or L having means to make rent. T doesn't look like he's making enough of an effort to better the situation, and for the most part I am trying not to be completely useless. I've been looking for work almost every single day and have been trying very hard to maintain my sanity and optimism while doing so. We're covered rent-wise through end of March, after that I feel I'm screwed and will be either moving back to California with my parents but hopefully not. I'd like to stay in Washington for as long as I can, without moving back to Starport. Not that I don't love my parents dearly, but they've asked me to avoid moving back in if at all possible.
If you can advise me or help at all, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

There are some people I'll be trying to talk to at [ profile] conflikt  to see if I can find a temporary solution to a long-term problem.
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Recurring theme that I don't seem to update until I have something to say. I'll try to get better. Argh.

I do believe in cut tags...(Relationship) )

I do I do believe in cut tags...(Sammamish Ridge Apartment Fire Update )

I do I do I do believe in cut tags (moving options) )

Edit 1738: Garlic Jim's wants to give me a job interview tomorrow. I've got no problem with this.


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