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 I'm thankful for:
  • My loving partner, who has been a solid rock through some really shaky times and whose family is being more than supportive
  • My father surviving his argument with the manhole cover; only minor damage
  • My darling sister, and the fact we're on speaking terms still -- the borrowed movies are an extra reason.
  • A roof over my head
  • My monthly allowance that allows us to keep fed
  • The fact we have a car that works.
  • My mother, who loves us dearly.
What I miss most about the good ol' days of California and Grand Central Starport: The fridge. In all the years we didn't go to LosCon, there was always an abundance of snacks. Anything in the fridge was fair game, and the only times you had to ask for food were the days you knew it wasn't yours -- such as sushi put there as a reward for a good grade for one of us two adorable kids. If I wasn't sure whose it was, I'd ask.  Gone are the days when I would attend a festive meal at my folks' and leave with a partial pate full of bountiful tastiness. This year, that seemed to stop, whether it be from the fact that I need to learn not to take life (or food) from my parents' fridge for granted, or whether that be because I've somehow incurred the wrath of the housemates; life is changing.

May just be my imagination that this year is different and I may not get the same chances again. My world may just not be the same, and I may never get the same chances again.

For now, meatball sammich. Shutting up now.

Date: 2015-11-28 02:18 pm (UTC)
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Sorry to hear it. Yeah; I miss a lot of things from San Jose. On the other hand, I like having you close enough to visit - we should do that more often.

BTW, you asked for links to online courses:


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