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Harro, all.

So, news with me: apartment moved into. Check. Workout program started. Check. SWTOR subscription temporarily renewed. Check.

Went to a friend's funeral today. I received a text Sept 2 indicating stuff had happened, was shocked by it. Today it sunk in. Went to the funeral, paid respects, made video of the eulogy. Problem: I am not an audio wizard. I need the distortions removed and maybe some parts made louder before I release it to the family as they've requested. I know I'm not an audio geek. Maybe someone of you is. I don't care about the video aspects. 

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So, I apologize I haven't used this thing as often as I should. I have been busy following the steps in that icon, and it has taken me a while to remember that I have people who follow me here. What have I been doing? It's kind of a long story.

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In the meantime, and after spending since April living with [personal profile] mdlbear  et al while we found some place else to live, we have been successful in this endeavor. "You had an event on Facebook I saw called We're Moving! Again. and now it's gone. What's with that?" Well, that's got an answer too. )

Remembered that I have this, and will try to post more often. I still IM, email, and mostly text these days. My phone still works, and I only games on teh FB now with the occasional IM and event. If you would like to talk, or kibitz about the reality of things, or have any interest in an "After The Move" visit, please get in touch.

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Living on my own is liberating, but kind of intimidating at the same time. [personal profile] mdlbear , Mom, and YS are moving up here. Not too happy about the last, but am going to get used to the idea that Starport is no longer a place I can return to and call it mine. It's going to be staying within the family, but not my family. Not sure that makes any sense.

I'm doing OK. I'm doing my own thing, but I haven't gotten around to making time to clean yet. That is my one weakness. I am working on it, and am going to try cleaning it up during my off-time. I'm also going to be looking for work. Fun times. 

Today's school day was all kinds of fucked up. It was horrible. My group wasn't prepared, but I'd heard that I was the best presenter of our group. I can't get over how horrible it was, especially since a retired member of Proctor and Gamble was there to judge us. Contest. Right. Yeah. We did badly, I think.

LARP this last weekend was awesome.
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 Hey, folks. Sorry I've not posted in a while. Here's an update. 

Moved in, got settled, have a guest bed now set up (small one), got things all over the place, looking into what I don't have and what I do. Relationship aftermath hasn't begun yet for some reason not in my hands, and I'm completely not sure what to do about the other half of this equation at this point in time. *sigh* Advice welcome.

Need to get in touch with/interview a project manager (or someone who has managed a project in) the business field. This is needed for an interview, and I would be appreciative of any help I can get on the subject. All interest can be sent to my email: kdsavitzky at gmail dot com. The idea is I need to choose someone I do not know very well/am not related to. Plenty of you I know through conventions and I know you have contact in the business world, so that won't be an issue. Dad, I can't use you for this because we're related.
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I was told to create another meaningful post on my blog, so I'm doing so. Let me sum up.
  • I still want to go snowboarding. Grr.
  • I'm looking for a new place. The fact I'm not able to entertain folks at my current domicile is annoying to me.
  • I've created a new RSS feed of [personal profile] mdlbear's concerts, for a school project. Linked to from my website.
  • I've added a link to said website for my Youtube channel, so you can find the awesome video.
  • I'm hating my programming class and want it to die in a ball of fire.
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Been a while since I posted one of these, huh...? Mkay. Long list, so here's the highlights. Meaning )
  • School has started. I've got a nice class setup for the e-commerce class (all online) , a horrible layout/professor for my Intro to Programming class (up to my ASCII in Micro-$loths) and have a terrible project to work on but am currently stumped. Oh, and my Bus101 class: I'm doing well in that too. Last 2 quizzes = 18/20, 16/20. Take-home essay exam thingie due on the 1st, so get to do that. Get to take video of something/someone this weekend, and will use for educational purposes since it's for a project in my E-commerce class. I'm doing well in school so far this quarter, but am seriously hating Nico and his $lothiness.

  • Conflikt <---- an excuse to see [personal profile] mdlbear again, and my mother. An excuse to see people I would otherwise need to wait a year for. A chance to extend wedding mazeltovs to moshez since I haven't seen him in a long time. (Since last year, I think.) A chance try breaking my father with a new filk. Hey...I have enough material for a Two-Fer! Of my own! YAY! Think on school, try to get stuff done, ask for help with the damn project from hell that refuses to die...piece of kindling I mean...erm. Yeah. Enough about that. Enjoy myself. Yes.A chance to do something out of the ordinary is always good, and I don't consider school ordinary. I consider sitting on my keetster and playing computer games to be ordinary, OTOH I've had a bit too much homework recently to make ordinary happen regularly. Must remember to write interview questions for Bear.

  • Snowboarding: I wanna go so bad...damn furmeet having it on a Monday. I can't skip class, no matter how badly I want to get away from Nico. Damn conscience. I have my own gear this time.

  • TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read):
    • Keys found.
    • I'm back in school and more or less having fun.
    • Conflikt: Filkers R Us!
    • Snowboarding: I wanna go.
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    Today is the Starportian New Year's Bash, which starts at noon and goes until ? (where ? = whenever the last person up decides to throw people out.) [ /end PSA ] I haven't posted much about my time in Starport, and I admit I should.

    Firstly, I'm having a blast. Secondly, I'm enjoying being around my parents. I haven't had an opportunity to deck my sister, and don't really want to, I just wish she'd pull her head out of her arse and dump the UBF (defined in my father's notes) after  hearing her openly lie about what happened....I'd rather see her move out forever before I consider moving back in. I've had a blast, gotten multiple sets of pants and shirts that aren't bleach-colored, and had almost an entire case of beer purchased just for the occasion. Tasty pizza, tasty food in general, a chance to step into a culinary trap and cook, a chance to see old friends, attend parties that I would otherwise not be able to attend, and have a damn good time. I've had no reason to deck my YS, though I admit it has been tempting. I do miss a good Pathfinder game, but that's besides the point and I'll get one when I return. I got a new Munchkin deck, taught my father to play Munchkin, and have a few things work out that I didn't expect to have work out. Nobody really needs to know the details, all because it's my fun to be had, not because I don't love my readers enough to share. 

    Culinary details: Mom said to go find something to make for dinner. She kinda jokingly inferred it was my turn to cook. I went out to the kitchen and found food, but it wasn't really something to cook. I went to the back freezer, to find some food. I found a "mystery meat" and brought it back to her for identification. She told me it was a brisket, and asked me what I intended to do with it. I shrugged and said I didn't know, handing her a cookbook to try and find me something. After she flipped through it and found a recipe, I stared @ it for a moment before shutting it and finding another book. 
    "You don't want to cook that?" 
    "I'm not in the mood for stew. I have a fully loaded kitchen, I wanna use it! I live with WIMPS!" (wimps = those who don't eat spicy things. Ever.)
    "Alright, alright. I'll shut up, stay out of your way, and let you cook." Five minutes later, she hears me laughing crazy-like. "Found something?"
    "Sweet & sour brisket, served with a side dish of pasta marinara thus getting the starch, vegetable, and meat all in two dishes." Turns out I hadn't cooked the brisket all the way through during the searing, and I had to tone down the sauce with a full cup of brown sugar. Using Mom as a wimp-o-meter didn't really help, but I managed to make it edible after the blackened mass of sauce was removed from the oven. After a quick de-glazing of the sauce and some help from the Bear I managed to make the tastiness. It was delicious, though Emmy had to stick to ketchup on her meat.

    Resolutions: I don't make them, but I hope next year doesn't start out with a fire at my place of living. 

    Things I want to do next year: 
    • learn to play my guitars (electric and acoustic)
    • attend LARP with my friends
    • attempt a snowboarding trip
    • continue and pass school to finish this business manglement management ATA
    • Go to at least one con
    • connect with my northern family (the relatives in the north)
    • attempt another visit to Starport without my sister present
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    It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry about that. I haven't had much to say. Or maybe it's because I'm just so fucking homesick that I can't deal with saying anything about the fact I miss [personal profile] mdlbear and home so much. Enough about that shit. You don't want to hear about it. It's my fault I moved...but it doesn't mean I like it. Just me making my peace...I miss you all.

    The short version is the list. The long version is behind the cuts.
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    Highlights (in no particular order.)
    • Met family, Dad's side. Lots of cousins that I didn't know/didn't remember I had. Lots of "I want a copy of  CC&S
      • sold chain mail bracelet to one of my cousins.
      • Had really good fish, 2 days in a row.
    • Celtic Fest out in Hoodsport, thereabouts.
      • Had delicious yet crunchy hefferwiezen, which wasn't bad.
      • bought new renfair-ish shirt, backup garb for SA
      • got fitted for a new kilt (not utilikilt, but close enough.) didn't buy it due to lack of funds.
    • Got checks in mail as allowance/text book offset.
    • Started reading Warriors by Erin Hunter. Good series. Need to start book 3.
    • Cleaned my room (again).

    Sadly, nothing new to report that I can sum up easily. I've been feeling a good deal of depression recently, and I've no idea why. I don't know if it's because of my recent lack of relationship, sleep deprivation, boredom, homesickness, or sheer "I don't want to do anything." It could be a combination of all these things, but I would <3 to figure out why. That's neither here nor there, I suppose.

    Aside to [personal profile] technoshaman : I meant to stay longer in Seattle today, but due to a nearly dead phone battery was deciding to head home from there. We should perhaps schedule dinner and w00t shirt retrieval another time.

    Aside to self: finish the chain shirt. Take a few pics, and try to sell the damn thing. Really, you'll deserve to sell it, you've put in enough hours. Work on website when motivation = found. Hmmm...Is that what I should do with Make it my chain mail store thingie? Hmm.....will ask [personal profile] mdlbear about that sort of thing. Yes. Later.

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    Update: I extend a very warm thank you to [ profile] mdlbear   for bringing Cindy up, and taking L and I out to dinner. I appreciated it immensely, despite the fact i got rather homesick and teary-eyed after you left. I love you all, and every time I think about home for some reason, tears always comes to my eyes. I miss my mate [ profile] selkit , my family, my gaming, my pizza days, my space, my hangout pictures of [ profile] selkit , my friends..... my social groups....Wednesdays.....parties.....SCA events, the filk...the cons.......everything. I miss it all. There's nothing I can do about my homesickness. 

    RIP --- Duke Theodrik. AKA: Derek Peterson.

    Job hunt:  I got a call from Cost Plus this morning. I answered whether I was willing to take 2 days a week with shifts starting at 0300, and if I was capable of working from 2200 to 0600 the rest of the week with positive responses and enthusiasm. The interview itself ifs set up for Wednesday morning (this week) at 0800. If you wish to be kept informed on the results of that interview; your options are to either watch this space or call me later that day.


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