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Today was awesome in the respect I received a 96% on my math quiz. That brightened my day. I was supposed to go to a thingie @ my room mates' church this evening to hang with my friends.I went in my wolf suit(the little grey wolf I've named Chain). I managed to impress people, and that made it awesome.

However, there was this one little child, probably no more than 8....kept tugging my tail. I felt his hands against my chest (perhaps accidentally, but possibly not,) got poked in the eye socket of my suit (which fortunately missed my eye by a few inches), and finally cuffed across the muzzle. The rest of the night wasn't worth it. A random goer-by of the thingie asked about me and whether I was okay, saying she knew the kid and would have a discussion with his mother. I nodded and let it pass. [ profile] asahoshi knows me well enough to press for details when something's wrong. I told her, and wished I'd stayed home to do homework. [ profile] aphinity warned me there'd be suiting days like this....

Special Day

Mar. 8th, 2010 07:31 am
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Today's a special day. Not sure why, but I've been looking forward to this for a while. Not just because of the fact my chain shirt package arrives today. but probably because it's the Monday of Shadow Accord week. SA is the LARP group I am now involved with, courtesy of [ profile] asahoshi. Also because I'll finally stop typing 03082010 as the date for a lot of things.....grrrf.

This chain shirt I'll be making is going to be a good learning experience for me in terms of my weaving, and it will give me a template to use for future reference. Will also give me something else to do In Game. Speaking of game, wow. I just realized I'm pack-less. Hopefully this will change soon, either by me creating one or me joining one. In either case, I'm going to be busy with this shirt IG and OOG.In terms of pack, I am not looking for one to take me in right away. I've talked to one person about forming a pack of our own, although he may be joining another pack instead. I'm not worried by this, I'm just...a loner for now. I really hope this changes.
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Cut because I'm tired. )

Aside to select individuals:
  • [ profile] kendaer: I'll be talking to you via email re: the shirt you wanted for Legacies. I am learning a pattern in my copious spare time (*snerk*) and currently don't have enough aluminum to make it with. More details on that later.

  • [ profile] runnerwolf: More details on gofur stuff will be forthcoming when you're ready for it. If I'm still living up here in a year, I'd love to help with this con.

  • [ profile] vixyish: I will contact you in the next month or so to possibly discuss particulars of a necklace you wanted from me a few months back. Purple chain, Euro 6-1 pattern etc. Once your life calms down a bit, I mean (that whole 2 cons in 1 week thing.)

  • [ profile] pacfenspotlight: I will PM you or comment on your LJ when I have my [ profile] alexanderfans pics posted, as you wanted shots of Alec.

That's all for now. I'm tired and need to go to bed.
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Happy anniversary to [ profile] mdlbear and [ profile] flower_cat.

Get home, knowing I've got [ profile] furcon weekend off. Call [ profile] selkit to find out logisticalness, and am told he's away on family matters. I know what this means, so I ask Orka a few questions about their travel plans. Hang up phone, and realize I can only wait until I see my fox again to help make things better.

Suckage way to start the year. [ profile] selkit: take care, hon. Stay strong, and I'll see you in T-15 days.


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