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I've discovered that there's a specific mindset a geek gets into where they have a deadline, they must meet it no matter what the cost and they will damage themselves by purposefully throwing off their sleep cycle into something that those who wish to interact with him can't work around. I have realized [ profile] selkit's new employers have stringent deadlines, and I understand that this whole "go see an immigration lawyer" thing was my idea, however that is no reason to blow off a conversation just for a nap that you couldn't take earlier..

Then, there's the flip-side where I realize I seem like I've been nagging him about that. I understand the fact that insomnia happens, and when it does that he tries to get some work done though it seems to me he is deliberately becoming a night owl and me having to dictate times I would like to be able to hold a decent conversation with the other side intellectually responsive with the potential of integrating a third person into intellectual discussion for the next 6 months' planning does not seem to me as being highly unreasonable.

When insomnia happens to me, he has no problem with me staying up late or wanting to sleep in. I seem to have a great big problem with him doing it when we say we have things to do. While we're together, we make plans for the subsequent day and I nag him constantly. While we're apart, I put my concern in such a worded fashion to him that it sounds like I'm nagging about it again. I place it merely as concern, but through a text terminal there isn't any way to tell what the other person is feeling emotionally. I seem like I've come so far in my progressions from a year ago, but can't seem to bring myself to not nag. This is a problem with me being a geek as well.

Is it just my imagination, or do all geeks think like this?
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This is a new tag set that I ganked from [ profile] mdlbear at his suggestion when I had too many questions about stuff he didn't cover in his River Sequence. These are all the questions I want answers for, all the questions Dad didn't talk about, and new perspectives on how to deal with the things I asked about.

The River: Sleep I )

P.S: [ profile] mdlbear makes these public posts. Lock will not happen.


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