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  • School: What to do? I mean, I’m going to school, I’ve got no idea in mind for a degree because I can’t come up with anything...I hate De Anza now, and my parents think trade school like or massage therapy or something like that will not help me. Dad wants me to get a bachelor’s degree in something, and thinks I’d be good in computers. Last time I tried taking his advice on that, it didn’t work.
  • Job-hunting: going to try next Monday to do some mall-crawling for applications. Going to hopefully get somewhere. Not sure yet. Need the money anyways so I can start fixing my finances, and gearing myself up for moving out.
  • Moving out: Next big issue. How do I handle this? I am starting to think it’s going to be difficult moving in with [ profile] grendies for many reasons.
    1. Neither of us has a job, and thus no money to pay for space even if we had one.
    2. Neither of us has a car or license to drive, so getting said job might be a bit more challenging than I had thought it to be.
    3. I respect him as a little brother, but with my flirtatious nature, how does he expect me to keep my visits with my love-life rated to PG 13 when he’s around? (Example being this weekend @ Consonance when he told me & Anne to keep it to PG 13 while he was in the room.)
    4. He thinks he can get money off the Blender thing, followed by his IBO stuff. I am not doubting his ability to do either, though with that plus the visits to VA every so often, how does he expect me to deal with the household finances?
    5. Furthermore: how am I getting out of my parent’s house in his absence?
  • Food for thought: The prospect for my album is now a distant future thing, since I’m going to be juggling guitar lessons, school, moving out of my parents’ house eventually, and (hopefully) work around all of this....the first task I suppose is being getting out of [ profile] mdlbear and [ profile] flower_cat’s hair. On top of this...what next? I mean, I’ve barely got a vision of where I want to go, and school doesn’t seem to be helping me. It seems to be more a waste of money & time since I don’t have a clear pic of what I want to do with my life, but...Am I really screwed? What now...?

Only thing I can think of is to ask in #callahans to see if anyone’s looking for a room mate. I have never been “on my own” before, but I do have a tent and a cookbook in case things really get bad. I am looking forward to it because I want a taste of reality without a job, and the hassle of finding one without being dependant on my parents. Strange thing to wish for, but there’s a snowball’s chance I will understand life better when I get this wish. And I’m not sure how to deal with it. Help me here, folks. Open to suggestions.


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