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Been a while since I posted one of these, huh...? Mkay. Long list, so here's the highlights. Meaning )
  • School has started. I've got a nice class setup for the e-commerce class (all online) , a horrible layout/professor for my Intro to Programming class (up to my ASCII in Micro-$loths) and have a terrible project to work on but am currently stumped. Oh, and my Bus101 class: I'm doing well in that too. Last 2 quizzes = 18/20, 16/20. Take-home essay exam thingie due on the 1st, so get to do that. Get to take video of something/someone this weekend, and will use for educational purposes since it's for a project in my E-commerce class. I'm doing well in school so far this quarter, but am seriously hating Nico and his $lothiness.

  • Conflikt <---- an excuse to see [personal profile] mdlbear again, and my mother. An excuse to see people I would otherwise need to wait a year for. A chance to extend wedding mazeltovs to moshez since I haven't seen him in a long time. (Since last year, I think.) A chance try breaking my father with a new filk. Hey...I have enough material for a Two-Fer! Of my own! YAY! Think on school, try to get stuff done, ask for help with the damn project from hell that refuses to die...piece of kindling I mean...erm. Yeah. Enough about that. Enjoy myself. Yes.A chance to do something out of the ordinary is always good, and I don't consider school ordinary. I consider sitting on my keetster and playing computer games to be ordinary, OTOH I've had a bit too much homework recently to make ordinary happen regularly. Must remember to write interview questions for Bear.

  • Snowboarding: I wanna go so bad...damn furmeet having it on a Monday. I can't skip class, no matter how badly I want to get away from Nico. Damn conscience. I have my own gear this time.

  • TL;DR (Too Long; Didn't Read):
    • Keys found.
    • I'm back in school and more or less having fun.
    • Conflikt: Filkers R Us!
    • Snowboarding: I wanna go.
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    zomg, it's dark outside. Why am I awake? Why was I awake @ 4am...and why am I cheerful?

    OK, I'm done now.
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    Highlights (in no particular order.)
    • Met family, Dad's side. Lots of cousins that I didn't know/didn't remember I had. Lots of "I want a copy of  CC&S
      • sold chain mail bracelet to one of my cousins.
      • Had really good fish, 2 days in a row.
    • Celtic Fest out in Hoodsport, thereabouts.
      • Had delicious yet crunchy hefferwiezen, which wasn't bad.
      • bought new renfair-ish shirt, backup garb for SA
      • got fitted for a new kilt (not utilikilt, but close enough.) didn't buy it due to lack of funds.
    • Got checks in mail as allowance/text book offset.
    • Started reading Warriors by Erin Hunter. Good series. Need to start book 3.
    • Cleaned my room (again).

    Sadly, nothing new to report that I can sum up easily. I've been feeling a good deal of depression recently, and I've no idea why. I don't know if it's because of my recent lack of relationship, sleep deprivation, boredom, homesickness, or sheer "I don't want to do anything." It could be a combination of all these things, but I would <3 to figure out why. That's neither here nor there, I suppose.

    Aside to [personal profile] technoshaman : I meant to stay longer in Seattle today, but due to a nearly dead phone battery was deciding to head home from there. We should perhaps schedule dinner and w00t shirt retrieval another time.

    Aside to self: finish the chain shirt. Take a few pics, and try to sell the damn thing. Really, you'll deserve to sell it, you've put in enough hours. Work on website when motivation = found. Hmmm...Is that what I should do with Make it my chain mail store thingie? Hmm.....will ask [personal profile] mdlbear about that sort of thing. Yes. Later.

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    So...was minding my own business on Thursday night. [ profile] asahoshi and I were watching Firefly episodes, and I think Led was asleep at the time. I heard a knock at the door. Answered it. 2 men were standing there, wearing badges with their names and the words "Jesus Christ" written across the top. What happened )

    Update: Driving practice went relatively well on Saturday. I stayed over at [ profile] asahoshi's again, and had driving practice on Saturday. Brake. Curb. Right. Will try not to do that again when I go out for another ride later this week. Erk. Um...Mother's day went well --- I went with them both to visit Chez Dixon, then came back to the apartment and did a lot of cleaning up of the kitchen. Cleared up a misunderstanding with my room mate, and am hoping that job prospects go better than they have been.
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    Given that [ profile] jilara used a home improvement loan to purchase a cannon, this reminded me of her.
    O hai. )
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    ...and this image was just too cool to pass up. cut to save your f-list )
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    Past the point of pain I continue my trek, each passing second takingmore effort from my broken body. I know I cannot withstand. It is onlya dream, a fantasy that I will learn to love again. with these imagescome the memories, memories of pain that used to not exist. I cannot love again, nor seek a lover in someone I know well. All that has beenhas calloused my heart, all that is yet to be has been purged from myfuture. It is just a phantom now, a phantom of the young lad I used tobe.


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