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Now, you have to understand the way on the trip up --- [ profile] sailorv61's cigarette lighter didn't work, so I couldn't have plugged in my iPod to give us some music. The only 3 CDs I had with me were Cheap Hooch, Four Shillings Short and Just Beyond. So, one of the two ways I found of keeping us entertained was asking silly questions/coming up with random comments, and finding familiar music on my iPod that she knew, singing it so she could come in on the chorus/sing along if she knew it.

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It occurred to me only after everyone had left the house that I probably should've asked for a house key. If I expect to be doing house-hunting or anything like that, I may need one.So...waiting to talk to either [ profile] acrobatty or [ profile] jenkitty when one or the other gets home from work. I think AB might be home now, but I'm not in a hurry to go look. Am now waiting for whichever one who gets home first to inform them of the fact I'm taking the afternoon to hunt an apartment. Led's found some great possibilities.
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PSA: Next Wednesday will be the Welcome Home Chaos! party, by permission from [ profile] flower_cat.

So I haven't moved yet, but in process of getting my stuff out of the garage/attic, and needed some of the huge blue Rubbermaid boxes.

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Hippo birdies to [ profile] sharyse.

QOTD: bookwyrm172006 wearing wi-fi detector shirt: "I also use my shirt as a cute guy detector because all of the guys I'm attracted to are geeks."


Dec. 13th, 2005 04:16 pm
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"Looks like it was done by sandpeople."
"Only Imperial monkeys can fling poo with such percision."

Conversation between myself & [ profile] grendies regarding our star wars game. It's a long story, but we recruited a technical wizard, nicknamed "Grease Monkey" who has turned into the comic relief of our campaign.


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