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This is only one of my new things, and I'll post lyrics to the other one later.

Come To Conflikt © chaoswolf 2012

TTO: Come Together by Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Here come old Creed Lombard.
He come grooving up slowly.
He got little banjo on back.
He one good singer.
He got child down below his knee.
Got to be a filker to just play what you please.

He wear no shoe shine.
He got big filk circle.
He drink diet cola.
He use no guitar picks.
He say I hear you, you hear  me.
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Talis album production.
She got new shiny.
She got good sound crew.
She one cool person.
She got fans down below her knee.
Hold you in your seats so you can hear sing please.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Dixon's new guitar.
He got nice new strings.
He got old songbook.
He one old filker.
He say. "One song, one song, one song sing me."
Got to be singin' cause he's so rare to see.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.
Come to Conflikt.

On a completely different note (well, OK. At con note), I uploaded a music video of The Reckoning by Steve Dixon. Used by permission. The "stereo Signing" is bloody awesome. More con notes to come later.

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Latest News -- Amethyst Rose

As many of you are aware, mdlbear released Amethyst Rose. This has an estimated release date of (I think) 2011 sometime.

He has also been in negotiations w/ Tempered Glass about releasing an album, but status of this project is unknown.
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Story: I had a copy of the official Heather Alexander Songbook at my feet. Molly is trying to figure the chords to a previous song. I ask her if she's tuning, then Creede sings "Lassie Are Ya Tunin?" and this abomination song came into existence. A few filkers later, I made it's debut.

Lassie Are Ya Tunin? )

[ profile] mdlbear's response was "You're going to post that on your LJ, right?" to which [ profile] cflute added "And to the Emerald City Filk List?"

x-posted to [ profile] filk, will be presented to RyuAja in the morning.
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[ profile] mdlbear pingged me yesterday via IM.  This is an <an abbreviated (and probably inaccurate) recap. ) 

Next afternoon when I head over to SFB, I have my tools and chain mail with me.  A few pieces completed for sale, a few for show and enough tools/metal to keep me busy during the concert. I finish a bracelet during the first half. During intermission, hugs to people:[Bad username or unknown identity: runnerwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: randwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: cflute ][ profile] kendaer , and a few others  I recognized from the [ profile] alexanderfans (Heather) concerts in Palo Alto. Purchases of albums: Mythcreants by Tricky Pixie, and the 4 albums by [ profile] s00j (Tangles, Sirens, Haphazard, Blessings). Hugs also dispensed to [ profile] tfabris , [ profile] vixyish , [ profile] s00j , and [ profile] stealthcello  by [profile] flower_cat 's request. Showed off the chain mail pieces I had done:
  •  a dice bag in many colors
  • a Euro 6 in 1 black & purple necklace
  • 4 in 1 box black and purple necklace
  •  sterling silver flower bracelet
  • Euro 6 in 1 sheet on a leather cuff
  • beginnings of my next dice bag
  • silver colored copper box bracelet
Was working on the dice bag during the 2nd half. Afterwards, showed off the pieces to a few folks who hadn't seen my shiny. 2 people asked me for contact info upon seeing the 6 in 1 necklace, and [ profile] vixyish encourages me to set up an Etsi store --- in addition to asking me for a necklace similar to the one I was showing off. I am pleased, and hadn't had any business cards handy. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.  My room mate was right in that I needed business cards, and I didn't have any. D'oh.

After  I got home, I found my shipment from RingLord sitting on my bed. That will be enough wire to keep me occupied for a while, however I misgauged the thickness of what I ordered. Oops. guess I'll be making atrip out to Home Depot in order to get some thicker ga wire for the belts. The music was frigging awesome. I'd heard The Girl Who's Never Been before, but never as magical as I'd heard it last night. That was awesome and win! I <3 Kitten Sundae. I really hope there's an album in their future. I want  more pretty music! 

 I should shut up and go to sleep now. D'oh.


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