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So, here's the word. I just got approved for a place out in Lynnwood. It's closer to school, within biking distance (4.7 miles, 38 min) or bus distance (4.1 miles, probably 15 min). 6802 feet for 1 bed 1 bath. I'm refraining from posting the address at this time because of paper snafus that still need dealing with.

I am, however going to make a PSA: Anyone who is willing to help unload the contents of the U-haul on the estimated move date of 3/30 (watch this space for confirmation of date and time) will be offered pizza for their services, thus having an impromptu house-warming party along the theme of potluck/BYOB.

It will give me an extra 4 hours in my day to either do homework, have a social life, sleep, or cook. All of which I could use.

For now, leave comments containing the following.

a) Whether or not you wish me to notify you via following for addy change (choose 1)
  • text
  • social networky thing (bookFace, G+, etc)
  • email
  • snail mail 
b) Interested in the move helping process
  • start
  • finish
c) None of the above, but Mazeltov!
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And so do I. Emmy recently got her room cleaned due to her boyfriend A showing up. I decided that since I'm leaving in a week, I should try to make my room either a) habitable or b) clean enough for me to use as a storage locker. The locker idea is probably more likely, since I don't know any guests who will want to sleep in my room except [ profile] sailorv61. She was fine in here last time. I know for certain that if I get the space cleaned up enough I could have boxes labeled and within a walking distance from the door. Over-rated, I know.

But this carpet thing. It's, and not stuff-coloured. I have a really bad habit of covering the carpet in stuff when I'm stressed. I'll get it clean, I think. No telling how long it'll take, exactly. But I'll at least get through one or two boxes from attic before I leave. *shrug*

Looks like I'll be getting there April 5 or so. If anyone wishes to try making claims to my time, please call my cell phone. I don't know when we'll be able to meet up, but I'll put your name on the list.

P.S.A: Subsequent posts regarding my move will be entitled Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years just because I will be moving a few times within the next year, I suspect. How many exactly is unknown. Stay tuned.


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