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So I get up a bit late. Yippee. That means we left the house a bit before 1000, but not by much. We get to Beuelton in good time for lunch, about 1300 or so. I actually finish my lunch, and manage to steal bread rolls off the plates of my parents, who weren't eating them anyway. *shrug* We got to the hotel around 1700, so we're not doing badly. Ran into a few old faces, and met a few new ones. Was a bit suprised to discover none of my age group here, which was a bit distressing. All as made better when I saw the beautiful [ profile] selinawoman who very kindly gave me one of her ribbons bearing her name. We said we'd trade icons after con, making special ones for each other out of boredom. I'm beginning to wonder how much mischief I can get into....

And to my darling [ profile] selkit: I wish you courage, and know that I am always a phone call away. My strength flows through the leather on your wrist, and will continue to do so as long as you need it. [ profile] mesiunu: Get well soon, hon. I pray that infection goes away as switftly as it came. And I promise I'll re-clasp your bracelet when I get my package from RingLord.

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Update, part 2.

So, I got off shift & updated LJ last. Went up to ConSuite & played a game of Magic with Nick Smith. Lost horribly because of bad draw. Got told that I was needed @ Bag-stuffing around 2130. Went down to bag-stuffing, and met up w/ [ profile] nolly, [ profile] hazelchaz and others, did bag-stuffing. Came up with this new idea that fits in perfectly with the theme of the con. See below.

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Stay tuned for further adventures of Captain Karl & Box

More serious stuff. It was distracting, though somehow my mind still came back to [ profile] falconoflight and [ profile] mira_fastfire. I don't know why but something tells me that I'm going to have little chance @ getting the former back. The latter...I have a better chance, somehow. I don't know how this is exactly, but I'm sure the Gods will make me understand their will.


Nov. 24th, 2005 08:58 pm
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The first day of the trip consisted of a very quiet car ride, all things considered. Emmy & I didn't fight, I was listening to my music, and we didn't play the annoying word game.

Getting to con, I find out that the menu of the sports bar no longer contains fish & chips, so I have to settle for chicken strips & chips instead. Also, get drafted into ConSuite duty the instant I've picked up my badge. Had fun with the first run, but I had to wait in the loading bay for some people who didn't show up until much later than they said they would.

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I'm not going to bore you anymore with my talk of depression and angst, but I'm seriously in oblivion. I don't know what to do.


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