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 Heyo. I've been busy. Been dealing with shit and having my own bundle of problems, namely of which I'm still unemployed and may be about to lose my place to live. I seem to remember you (or was it your room mate, whose name I can't recall) mentioning something about a willingness to help me if I needed it.
Living here is starting to become increasingly painful, not to mention a lease being increasingly expensive. I've been unable to find a job, I've been unsuccessful at learning to drive and have probably another 3 months to attempt that before needing a new learner's permit/lessons that I can't afford. I have a car that I may need to sell since I can't drive the damn thing (and have to get new tags for that I don't know if I can afford).
2 of my room mates had a semi-falling out. N has (finally) moved out, and we'll probably be losing the current place end of March due to neither me or L having means to make rent. T doesn't look like he's making enough of an effort to better the situation, and for the most part I am trying not to be completely useless. I've been looking for work almost every single day and have been trying very hard to maintain my sanity and optimism while doing so. We're covered rent-wise through end of March, after that I feel I'm screwed and will be either moving back to California with my parents but hopefully not. I'd like to stay in Washington for as long as I can, without moving back to Starport. Not that I don't love my parents dearly, but they've asked me to avoid moving back in if at all possible.
If you can advise me or help at all, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

There are some people I'll be trying to talk to at [ profile] conflikt  to see if I can find a temporary solution to a long-term problem.
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I'm getting a feeling that everything is starting to fall apart and the only thing I'm left with is a pair of boot laces that aren't long enough to pull myself out of this hole.

Here's why I think this. )

Also, please remember that I am a social creature. If you have to get my attention, calling me or dropping an IM/Email works better than sending me a "Hey, you need to read my blog" comment because I won't remember. I'll read posts as I can, and my responses will be sporadic.
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I have to leave, Horatio. )

All in all, it was a good visit. I have my wedding album so that I can share with [ profile] runnerwolf and company (huge thanks to [ profile] artbeco), have a few sci-fi books (Merlin's Descendants, The Kris Longknife Series, Mists of Avalon/Lady of Avalon, and the Excalibur anthology), have a few cook books (Diabetic ones for me and the roomie, since he's the diabetic), both laptops (for game testing @ my husband's insistance), digitized copies of most of my character sheets (for gaming w/ sibling, Justin or otherwise), a hard-drive full of music and a few movies (thanks to [ profile] screaming_angel. All in all, I had a damn good time.

Aside to [ profile] mdlbear: If you don't make it into my complex during your visit for [ profile] pocketnaomi's birthday, I'll see you @ ConFlikt, so I'm not worried about it. Don't forget more Barefoot when you do. *grin*
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Nice way to end 2009. Here's why. )

I just want to live somewhat normally: a job, family, stable place to live....all at once.
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Contemplation )
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And so do I. Emmy recently got her room cleaned due to her boyfriend A showing up. I decided that since I'm leaving in a week, I should try to make my room either a) habitable or b) clean enough for me to use as a storage locker. The locker idea is probably more likely, since I don't know any guests who will want to sleep in my room except [ profile] sailorv61. She was fine in here last time. I know for certain that if I get the space cleaned up enough I could have boxes labeled and within a walking distance from the door. Over-rated, I know.

But this carpet thing. It's, and not stuff-coloured. I have a really bad habit of covering the carpet in stuff when I'm stressed. I'll get it clean, I think. No telling how long it'll take, exactly. But I'll at least get through one or two boxes from attic before I leave. *shrug*

Looks like I'll be getting there April 5 or so. If anyone wishes to try making claims to my time, please call my cell phone. I don't know when we'll be able to meet up, but I'll put your name on the list.

P.S.A: Subsequent posts regarding my move will be entitled Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years just because I will be moving a few times within the next year, I suspect. How many exactly is unknown. Stay tuned.
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Happy Anniversary, [ profile] selkit. 1 year ago today, we were married here @ Consonance. At 0700, I received a semi-panicked phone call from [ profile] selkit that my mother-in-law's condition is rapidly deteriorating. Due to the darkness in the room and the fact my cell phone was next to the laptop on the desk, I didn't get to it in time to console him. I quickly called the number back, left a voice mail message, then called Bird. It seems that the EndGame is about to happen. I could be wrong. But to think that my 1 yr anniversary to him is marred by this. Fuck. Any plans I had to spend any time with Selkit on the phone for our anniversary just got blasted to smitherines.

May miss concerts today, will need hugs, will Drinks may help.

BTW, any news why AJA didn't get here sooner? I could use a dose of Never Lose Hope right about now.
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Why I'm happy )

Hot Fracking Damn! YIPPEEE!!!!!!
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Most Recent Project: Jurann = Done. Next Up: [ profile] spazzychic. Wait List: 0 Picture of Jurann's bag later.

Oh, and real life recently got in the way. All commissions are now on hold because as spazzychic said: "Real life > chainmail."
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PSA: In the event of my network fu failing to work during FC and likelyhood of me not finding amicable arrangements in the Seattle/Bellviue area, I will be continuing my life in the bay working for temp agencies and potentially moving out of Starport proper but will most likely still be in the area. Can't drive, but will help towards rent and suchlike.

Realization: If I can, I want to see Selkit to the border. I want to be able to stay, but can't due to circumstances of inability to afford. I know about the vacancy @ [ profile] silverstorm2013's apartment, and I will be doing a look around for potential other vacancies in apartment-stuffs post-con. I am going to hope that things materialize and at least one of my contacts with the web propositions works out for me.....guess time for me to make phone calls and stuff.

Wanted: New Hope )


Dec. 16th, 2008 09:33 pm
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Life is. It exists. Mom's home now, I'm with my love, all is good. Doesn't mean for a minute I enjoy my sister's company. She's a great chef and everything, but damnit --- I wish the drama llama would leave. She's producing enough llama-ness for the entire household right now. Grrr.
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Just my opinion of the situation. This is not directed at any particular person, but I don't like it. [ profile] mdlbear says this about [ profile] flower_cat.

Just to supplement, I say this. )

On the plus side, I think I have a good idea when I'm seeing [ profile] selkit again. That made me happy.

I curse whomever gave me that damned Chinese Fortune Crappie Curse Cookie with: MAY THEY LIVE IN INTERESTING TIMES!!!! Biatches.

Edit: Thank you to [ profile] tetralizard and [ profile] silverstorm2013 for your offers for us to call if we need anything. We (as a collective household) appreciate it.
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OK, so my getting a B on my ELIT midterm wasn't bad. That's not where it got fucked up. No. That happened at around lunch time when one of my energy students walked outside to talk with my ex and [ profile] rockstar_ember. It didn't seem that bad at first. Not until I got home. Then this happened. Behind a cut tag for the sake of brevity:
Read more... )

EDIT: Another thing that made the above situation worse...a phone call a little later on in the night.
Read more... )

Then I get chocolate from my sister, which isn't bad either. Then she constantly pesters me about gaming or watching a DVD. I grab one of the chocolate bars from her, she gets pissy at me again, I throw it into the living room and tell her to fuck off. Then...hell breaks loose. Mom has been called, and the two of us kids ain't speakin' to each other now because of this shit. EDIT: All isn't that bad because we went out to dinner. I got a B on my midterm.
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  • School: What to do? I mean, I’m going to school, I’ve got no idea in mind for a degree because I can’t come up with anything...I hate De Anza now, and my parents think trade school like or massage therapy or something like that will not help me. Dad wants me to get a bachelor’s degree in something, and thinks I’d be good in computers. Last time I tried taking his advice on that, it didn’t work.
  • Job-hunting: going to try next Monday to do some mall-crawling for applications. Going to hopefully get somewhere. Not sure yet. Need the money anyways so I can start fixing my finances, and gearing myself up for moving out.
  • Moving out: Next big issue. How do I handle this? I am starting to think it’s going to be difficult moving in with [ profile] grendies for many reasons.
    1. Neither of us has a job, and thus no money to pay for space even if we had one.
    2. Neither of us has a car or license to drive, so getting said job might be a bit more challenging than I had thought it to be.
    3. I respect him as a little brother, but with my flirtatious nature, how does he expect me to keep my visits with my love-life rated to PG 13 when he’s around? (Example being this weekend @ Consonance when he told me & Anne to keep it to PG 13 while he was in the room.)
    4. He thinks he can get money off the Blender thing, followed by his IBO stuff. I am not doubting his ability to do either, though with that plus the visits to VA every so often, how does he expect me to deal with the household finances?
    5. Furthermore: how am I getting out of my parent’s house in his absence?
  • Food for thought: The prospect for my album is now a distant future thing, since I’m going to be juggling guitar lessons, school, moving out of my parents’ house eventually, and (hopefully) work around all of this....the first task I suppose is being getting out of [ profile] mdlbear and [ profile] flower_cat’s hair. On top of this...what next? I mean, I’ve barely got a vision of where I want to go, and school doesn’t seem to be helping me. It seems to be more a waste of money & time since I don’t have a clear pic of what I want to do with my life, but...Am I really screwed? What now...?

Only thing I can think of is to ask in #callahans to see if anyone’s looking for a room mate. I have never been “on my own” before, but I do have a tent and a cookbook in case things really get bad. I am looking forward to it because I want a taste of reality without a job, and the hassle of finding one without being dependant on my parents. Strange thing to wish for, but there’s a snowball’s chance I will understand life better when I get this wish. And I’m not sure how to deal with it. Help me here, folks. Open to suggestions.


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