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Living on my own is liberating, but kind of intimidating at the same time. [personal profile] mdlbear , Mom, and YS are moving up here. Not too happy about the last, but am going to get used to the idea that Starport is no longer a place I can return to and call it mine. It's going to be staying within the family, but not my family. Not sure that makes any sense.

I'm doing OK. I'm doing my own thing, but I haven't gotten around to making time to clean yet. That is my one weakness. I am working on it, and am going to try cleaning it up during my off-time. I'm also going to be looking for work. Fun times. 

Today's school day was all kinds of fucked up. It was horrible. My group wasn't prepared, but I'd heard that I was the best presenter of our group. I can't get over how horrible it was, especially since a retired member of Proctor and Gamble was there to judge us. Contest. Right. Yeah. We did badly, I think.

LARP this last weekend was awesome.
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It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry about that. I haven't had much to say. Or maybe it's because I'm just so fucking homesick that I can't deal with saying anything about the fact I miss [personal profile] mdlbear and home so much. Enough about that shit. You don't want to hear about it. It's my fault I moved...but it doesn't mean I like it. Just me making my peace...I miss you all.

The short version is the list. The long version is behind the cuts.
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 Heyo. I've been busy. Been dealing with shit and having my own bundle of problems, namely of which I'm still unemployed and may be about to lose my place to live. I seem to remember you (or was it your room mate, whose name I can't recall) mentioning something about a willingness to help me if I needed it.
Living here is starting to become increasingly painful, not to mention a lease being increasingly expensive. I've been unable to find a job, I've been unsuccessful at learning to drive and have probably another 3 months to attempt that before needing a new learner's permit/lessons that I can't afford. I have a car that I may need to sell since I can't drive the damn thing (and have to get new tags for that I don't know if I can afford).
2 of my room mates had a semi-falling out. N has (finally) moved out, and we'll probably be losing the current place end of March due to neither me or L having means to make rent. T doesn't look like he's making enough of an effort to better the situation, and for the most part I am trying not to be completely useless. I've been looking for work almost every single day and have been trying very hard to maintain my sanity and optimism while doing so. We're covered rent-wise through end of March, after that I feel I'm screwed and will be either moving back to California with my parents but hopefully not. I'd like to stay in Washington for as long as I can, without moving back to Starport. Not that I don't love my parents dearly, but they've asked me to avoid moving back in if at all possible.
If you can advise me or help at all, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

There are some people I'll be trying to talk to at [ profile] conflikt  to see if I can find a temporary solution to a long-term problem.
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Recurring theme that I don't seem to update until I have something to say. I'll try to get better. Argh.

I do believe in cut tags...(Relationship) )

I do I do believe in cut tags...(Sammamish Ridge Apartment Fire Update )

I do I do I do believe in cut tags (moving options) )

Edit 1738: Garlic Jim's wants to give me a job interview tomorrow. I've got no problem with this.
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Looking for one of the following:

- Driving lessons (by April when my permit expires)
- New cell phone w/ QWERTY keyboard (slightly used by a friend who is upgrading is fine, SIM card compatible preferably; I'm on DeathStar/ATT)
- Job (office mouse/warehouse grunt/retail will train)
- dart board w/ darts (I'm pissed and need to throw darts at something.)
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I just got EOE (End of Employement.) Figured. I wasn't making rate, and I had a sneaking suspicion it wouldn't last. Fucking shit. Now I just have to start looking for something else....Not happy.
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OK. To recap. I got laid off from USArchive on May 7. I've been looking for work since middle of April, trying to do something that would make me employed for a longer stint than 3 months. I may've found it.

2 weeks ago, I submit an application to work at SMX (A temp to hire agency currently helping Amazon Fresh at a warehouse facility.). Last week, I went in for my interview )
I have job nao!
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Well, frack. For those of you who don't know, I got laid off last Friday. I filed this morning (via online) for unemployment. I am going to Shadow Accord this weekend in order to maintain some sanity in order to have the coherence or mindset to go job hunting at all on Monday. For those of you who remember, I started work on 02102010. Almost 3 months later (05072010) I got laid off.

I hate life. I really do. Thank you to [ profile] ksharra and company for inviting me to the Den for relaxation and otherwise.

[ profile] selkit: I am trying. I really am.
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This is a PSA: If you wish to call me/chat with me/whatever, please attempt to correspond before 3pm. I need to start work by 1530.

I'm doing stuff for USArchives, huge contract. $10/hr, full-time.

This has been a PSA.

[ profile] selkit: "Hey, love."
Me: "Hello, dear. Am I interrupting anything?"
Him: "No."
Me: "Are you sitting down?"
Him: "Yes."
Me: "I haz job nao. Interview, 20 minutes coffee-housing (chat), walked out door with paperwork. I start @ 3:30pm tonight."
Him: "HOT F*****G DAMN!!!"

(Room mate got text.)

I haz a wii nao too. (Got that yesterday.)

OK, so :-p

Feb. 9th, 2010 11:26 am
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I apologize about not posting every day, [ profile] selkit. I've been busy looking for work. So here's what I have done.
  • Went out last Thursday to apply for work @ hotels
  • scoured for several days
  • Filled out the hotel applications and am going to drop them off today, possibly.
  • Job-interview today for a warehouse
  • Filled out application for Mariott (again)
  • Trying not to go insane.
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Nice way to end 2009. Here's why. )

I just want to live somewhat normally: a job, family, stable place to live....all at once.
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No, I'm not dead. Yes, I realize I haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy looking for a frackin' job. If there's something about your life you truly want/need me to know, please call my cell or drop me an email.

Job Hunt )

Car )

And now for something completely different: shameless plug of Chaos of Creation. I have a few things done that I'm trying to sell in order to put gas in BorkBox. This will help me pay for gas into the BorkBox so I can keep my learning machine fueled. My commission list has one piece on it that I am attempting to finish next week, and after that will be out of "work" again. If you want a price quote on something, get in touch with me.
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Had a second interview for Cost Plus this morning. Looking at it rihgt after it happened, I'd say it went well. Looking at it with hindsight, I may have sabotaged my chances by saying the wrong thing. *sigh* I just want a gorram job. Too much to ask? Thought so....

With the exception of this one (as it's still too early to tell if I have the job or not), every interview I've had since moving up here has been a dead end where they either hire someone better qualified for the position or someone less qualified wanting untrained monkies as opposed to those with training. I have stared at Craigslist for days on end, responding to anything I think I'm qualified for and can get to easily. 2/3 never respond, and the ones that do are some sort of money institution that I don't trust if it's based in another country.

I just want something about this damn job hunt to go my way. For once...preferably before I hit rock bottom. 
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Update: I extend a very warm thank you to [ profile] mdlbear   for bringing Cindy up, and taking L and I out to dinner. I appreciated it immensely, despite the fact i got rather homesick and teary-eyed after you left. I love you all, and every time I think about home for some reason, tears always comes to my eyes. I miss my mate [ profile] selkit , my family, my gaming, my pizza days, my space, my hangout pictures of [ profile] selkit , my friends..... my social groups....Wednesdays.....parties.....SCA events, the filk...the cons.......everything. I miss it all. There's nothing I can do about my homesickness. 

RIP --- Duke Theodrik. AKA: Derek Peterson.

Job hunt:  I got a call from Cost Plus this morning. I answered whether I was willing to take 2 days a week with shifts starting at 0300, and if I was capable of working from 2200 to 0600 the rest of the week with positive responses and enthusiasm. The interview itself ifs set up for Wednesday morning (this week) at 0800. If you wish to be kept informed on the results of that interview; your options are to either watch this space or call me later that day.
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Stupid luck. Hours of hunting on craigslist. 1 interview. Hopeful. Application and meeting template (with directions/name of the person I'm meeting with) for a company. This looks to be the only lead I've had thus far. I'll keep you posted.
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Here goes. Update )
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I have a job interview at All the Best Pet Care on Monday @ 1600. Hoping it goes well.

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Well, yet again with the job hunt stuff. Called the manager of Kennelly Keys Music Store in Bellevue Square. I admitted a weakness in familiarity with instruments, but he seemed to be impressed by my background; wants me to call him back in 2 weeks.

For the same mall, I applied with Harry and David, only to find that the boss is on vacation in California and I won't hear until next week, probably. *sigh*

Luck needed. $ needed. Shucks.
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The Gypsy Continues. )
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So...was minding my own business on Thursday night. [ profile] asahoshi and I were watching Firefly episodes, and I think Led was asleep at the time. I heard a knock at the door. Answered it. 2 men were standing there, wearing badges with their names and the words "Jesus Christ" written across the top. What happened )

Update: Driving practice went relatively well on Saturday. I stayed over at [ profile] asahoshi's again, and had driving practice on Saturday. Brake. Curb. Right. Will try not to do that again when I go out for another ride later this week. Erk. Um...Mother's day went well --- I went with them both to visit Chez Dixon, then came back to the apartment and did a lot of cleaning up of the kitchen. Cleared up a misunderstanding with my room mate, and am hoping that job prospects go better than they have been.


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