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Today is the Starportian New Year's Bash, which starts at noon and goes until ? (where ? = whenever the last person up decides to throw people out.) [ /end PSA ] I haven't posted much about my time in Starport, and I admit I should.

Firstly, I'm having a blast. Secondly, I'm enjoying being around my parents. I haven't had an opportunity to deck my sister, and don't really want to, I just wish she'd pull her head out of her arse and dump the UBF (defined in my father's notes) after  hearing her openly lie about what happened....I'd rather see her move out forever before I consider moving back in. I've had a blast, gotten multiple sets of pants and shirts that aren't bleach-colored, and had almost an entire case of beer purchased just for the occasion. Tasty pizza, tasty food in general, a chance to step into a culinary trap and cook, a chance to see old friends, attend parties that I would otherwise not be able to attend, and have a damn good time. I've had no reason to deck my YS, though I admit it has been tempting. I do miss a good Pathfinder game, but that's besides the point and I'll get one when I return. I got a new Munchkin deck, taught my father to play Munchkin, and have a few things work out that I didn't expect to have work out. Nobody really needs to know the details, all because it's my fun to be had, not because I don't love my readers enough to share. 

Culinary details: Mom said to go find something to make for dinner. She kinda jokingly inferred it was my turn to cook. I went out to the kitchen and found food, but it wasn't really something to cook. I went to the back freezer, to find some food. I found a "mystery meat" and brought it back to her for identification. She told me it was a brisket, and asked me what I intended to do with it. I shrugged and said I didn't know, handing her a cookbook to try and find me something. After she flipped through it and found a recipe, I stared @ it for a moment before shutting it and finding another book. 
"You don't want to cook that?" 
"I'm not in the mood for stew. I have a fully loaded kitchen, I wanna use it! I live with WIMPS!" (wimps = those who don't eat spicy things. Ever.)
"Alright, alright. I'll shut up, stay out of your way, and let you cook." Five minutes later, she hears me laughing crazy-like. "Found something?"
"Sweet & sour brisket, served with a side dish of pasta marinara thus getting the starch, vegetable, and meat all in two dishes." Turns out I hadn't cooked the brisket all the way through during the searing, and I had to tone down the sauce with a full cup of brown sugar. Using Mom as a wimp-o-meter didn't really help, but I managed to make it edible after the blackened mass of sauce was removed from the oven. After a quick de-glazing of the sauce and some help from the Bear I managed to make the tastiness. It was delicious, though Emmy had to stick to ketchup on her meat.

Resolutions: I don't make them, but I hope next year doesn't start out with a fire at my place of living. 

Things I want to do next year: 
  • learn to play my guitars (electric and acoustic)
  • attend LARP with my friends
  • attempt a snowboarding trip
  • continue and pass school to finish this business manglement management ATA
  • Go to at least one con
  • connect with my northern family (the relatives in the north)
  • attempt another visit to Starport without my sister present
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I never put milk in my coffee...until today. I found one that tasted terrible as black. It's not Barefoot! *sniff* Oh well. I can't have what I want all the time....

In other news: looking around for a cheap bed for the roomie and some storage stuffs for the living room in hopes of having the apartment cleaned up a bit before [ profile] mdlbear's visit next weekend.
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Duly noted: cheese sauce *burns* if left unattended for five seconds. Damn chemistry experiment.
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Just to recap: Click me. )

I hope B remembers to send the skateboard to me soon. I want lessons before summer.
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  • Coffee tastes good black. The whipped cream in the coffee was not an experiment with favorable results for me to repeat. Should've left it black.
  • Must install the Mastercook software I picked up from OfficeMax. Going to be using that as a cook book for the next while until I can get those books shipped up. Once I've reviewed it (possible to use without CD), I must inform [ profile] flower_cat.
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After lengthly debate with little sis last night about who was cooking dinner, I arrived at the grim conclusion taht while I should be working on my term paper(s) I had to find a recipe because apparently tonight was mine. I hate Mondays. Everything bad happens on a Monday.

Chaoswolf Can Cook )

On the plus side, Mom was home today for @ least a little while. I was happy about this, and it meant that I wasn't the Beta Bitch (Damn you, [ profile] mdlbear) for the afternoon. I do indeed miss having Mom around.

LosCon: Not my greatest con experience. I don't think I've had a "great" con experience ever. I've had good experiences, bad experiences, and meh experiences. This was definately a meh experience. Social blundering. I think I should just keep my trap shut at these things. Might make me easier to get along with. (Or just not go. Thinking about this one very seriously.)

I am going to log out of LJ and work on my term paper(s) now. Stupid homework...*grumbles and marks another day off her calendar*

More fun.

Nov. 14th, 2008 05:05 pm
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So, while I mean fun in the sense that I've been not depressed, I also mean it in the sense I was cooking again.

Dinner on Thursday Night )

Also am getting [ profile] selkit for Xmas, so feeling happy about that too.

And will be cleaning my den in between boredom fits. (Playing heroes V right now, will be doing homework later tonight, and will be cleaning den soon.) Research paper happens tomorrow morning for one class at least.
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Introducing [ profile] chaoswolf Can Cook --- More Than Boring Food!

Dinner )


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