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Harro, all.

So, news with me: apartment moved into. Check. Workout program started. Check. SWTOR subscription temporarily renewed. Check.

Went to a friend's funeral today. I received a text Sept 2 indicating stuff had happened, was shocked by it. Today it sunk in. Went to the funeral, paid respects, made video of the eulogy. Problem: I am not an audio wizard. I need the distortions removed and maybe some parts made louder before I release it to the family as they've requested. I know I'm not an audio geek. Maybe someone of you is. I don't care about the video aspects. 

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So, I apologize I haven't used this thing as often as I should. I have been busy following the steps in that icon, and it has taken me a while to remember that I have people who follow me here. What have I been doing? It's kind of a long story.

Read more... )

In the meantime, and after spending since April living with [personal profile] mdlbear  et al while we found some place else to live, we have been successful in this endeavor. "You had an event on Facebook I saw called We're Moving! Again. and now it's gone. What's with that?" Well, that's got an answer too. )

Remembered that I have this, and will try to post more often. I still IM, email, and mostly text these days. My phone still works, and I only games on teh FB now with the occasional IM and event. If you would like to talk, or kibitz about the reality of things, or have any interest in an "After The Move" visit, please get in touch.

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 I'm thankful for:
  • My loving partner, who has been a solid rock through some really shaky times and whose family is being more than supportive
  • My father surviving his argument with the manhole cover; only minor damage
  • My darling sister, and the fact we're on speaking terms still -- the borrowed movies are an extra reason.
  • A roof over my head
  • My monthly allowance that allows us to keep fed
  • The fact we have a car that works.
  • My mother, who loves us dearly.
What I miss most about the good ol' days of California and Grand Central Starport: The fridge. In all the years we didn't go to LosCon, there was always an abundance of snacks. Anything in the fridge was fair game, and the only times you had to ask for food were the days you knew it wasn't yours -- such as sushi put there as a reward for a good grade for one of us two adorable kids. If I wasn't sure whose it was, I'd ask.  Gone are the days when I would attend a festive meal at my folks' and leave with a partial pate full of bountiful tastiness. This year, that seemed to stop, whether it be from the fact that I need to learn not to take life (or food) from my parents' fridge for granted, or whether that be because I've somehow incurred the wrath of the housemates; life is changing.

May just be my imagination that this year is different and I may not get the same chances again. My world may just not be the same, and I may never get the same chances again.

For now, meatball sammich. Shutting up now.
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So, in case you're wondering: 

1) Yes, I turn 30 this year. Sorry if it makes you feel old.

2) I do have plans. If you're not a part of the facebook group Rainbow's End and you want to be, let us know and we'll add you.

3) If you're wondering what those plans are, reposted here for if you don't FB.

Q: What are you going to do for your birthday?
After much decision on my part, I thought instead of sushi (which has been my usual for many years) I would introduce you all to my favorite Mongolian Grill (602, Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA). It's a lovely little grill that reminds me very much of Sunny's in Santa Clara, CA. Tastes good; Alex and I can get decent-sized portions for about $25 (for two people. Dinner price). Exact time is still being nailed down, stay tuned.

They do lunches, and I am thinking because it's a Monday that dinner might be easier to give people time to arrive. It's in the QFC parking lot, so it's fairly easy to spot.

Q: What do you want for your birthday?

A: Presents aren't necessary. I mean, in the grand scheme of things if you feel that presents are a thing (which is common and polite in our species' society), your presence at dinner and the company would be enough. Desired gifts, if that is your thing: money is always useful and can be put to practical use, as I have quite a few uses for it. If you want to get me something tangible that isn't money, ask me off-line (via email or IM).

Q: Kat, can we come over afterwards to your apartment?

A: My living room may look somewhat presentable, though my office and kitchen are a bit of a mess. It's not very large either, so I don't know if we'd be able to accommodate a group of people afterwards. Also depends on how Alex is feeling.

Q: Can we discuss plans that don't involve going over to your apartment afterward?

A: Sure! Most likely on the day of. If you have a suggestion you want me to consider before then, let me know.

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Well, I've unearthed the mythical carpet beast, at least sort of. The book case my dad gave me is being used to hold chain stuff, some radio chargers and will quite possibly be the new host to weapon storage for our larping stuffs. At least with my gear. Not sure what Rabbit's going to do for his, because we still have to find it. Hope Mom has the Cowls done in time for October, but that's neither here nor there.

For now, it's enough that I have a living room. Carpet in the Office + counter space in the kitchen will be pending eventually. No, I am not posting pictures. I will growl at you if you ask for pictures. I've found it, and you'll have to take my word it exists.  
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 I have a shiny! 

Turned in last of the paperwork. They said they don't need anything further, told me to get in touch w/ them the 27th. I told them I have a day all picked out, gave them the time block I had allocated in my day (1200 - 1600) to which got "You have a time this far in advance? OK...erm...When do you want?" 
"1500 (3pm)."
"OK. Done."

Squee! Stay tuned for further postings within the week about detailed move plans.  [personal profile] mdlbear  : Thank you!
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So, here's the word. I just got approved for a place out in Lynnwood. It's closer to school, within biking distance (4.7 miles, 38 min) or bus distance (4.1 miles, probably 15 min). 6802 feet for 1 bed 1 bath. I'm refraining from posting the address at this time because of paper snafus that still need dealing with.

I am, however going to make a PSA: Anyone who is willing to help unload the contents of the U-haul on the estimated move date of 3/30 (watch this space for confirmation of date and time) will be offered pizza for their services, thus having an impromptu house-warming party along the theme of potluck/BYOB.

It will give me an extra 4 hours in my day to either do homework, have a social life, sleep, or cook. All of which I could use.

For now, leave comments containing the following.

a) Whether or not you wish me to notify you via following for addy change (choose 1)
  • text
  • social networky thing (bookFace, G+, etc)
  • email
  • snail mail 
b) Interested in the move helping process
  • start
  • finish
c) None of the above, but Mazeltov!
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It's been a while since I posted. I'm sorry about that. I haven't had much to say. Or maybe it's because I'm just so fucking homesick that I can't deal with saying anything about the fact I miss [personal profile] mdlbear and home so much. Enough about that shit. You don't want to hear about it. It's my fault I moved...but it doesn't mean I like it. Just me making my peace...I miss you all.

The short version is the list. The long version is behind the cuts.
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  • During the last few weeks or so (since end of March, just a bit before), I've been getting settled in to my new digs at Chez Dixon. As I predicted, most of my tax refund went toward move costs, and dealing with paying off Led for my share of the bills that weren't paid/hadn't been paid due to various reasons that I won't go into, because that's in the past, and done!
    • As a side note to all my LARPy friends for SA: I live in Marysville now, closer to [ profile] asahoshi  and [ profile] drakk_draconian in a place that doesn't have a horribly steep incline driveway.
    • In other news, I'm still working on de-cluttering my room, which has become over-run with boxes. Go fig. Happens after a move, right? The de-cluttering process? Now to find my drill so I can put my desk back toget--never mind, that won't work. Not enough space to tip the desk over. Hmmm...
  • Also during the last few weeks, I've been trying to keep tabs on the drama unfolding @ Starport with [personal profile] mdlbear  and my sister. Not saying that my parents are idiots, but I feel like my sister is definitely an airhead in this regard. I give kudos to both my parents for their extreme patience in dealing with this @$$h01e she is dating, but I strongly advised them to pack his stuff in a box and kick it onto the curb. Not happening, but I tried.
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  • Reality Bites Back -- Murphy's Law and the Chew Toys: This is the most recent news between me & [identity profile] On the one paw, circumstances have been less than ideal because Murphy feels the need to make everything harder than it was already. On the other...I don't really want to go there. A learning experience; good because it had a lot of positive memories/moments and bad because of the strain it put us both through. A piece of me will always be with him, even if our paths never cross again in reality. Advice had been heard, parts of it may have been followed while others of it were ignored. I don't want to make a scalding post against him, I just ask you understand this is the way it is because Murphy decided to chew on us. Sean, I don't blame you. I never will. I feel it's my fault it didn't work. I am truly sorry.

  • Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years [Impending move II (as it's my second move and numbered thusly)] -- stated in this post, I'm too busy acting on survival instincts to attempt preparations for the impending move; which is happening by/before end of March (new location Marysville). Don't get me wrong, I love Redmond. The problem is the apartment complex. You may remember my earlier post that is one of the two major deterrents from living here. The other...well,'s just way too damn expensive to live here now. Rent is now either $1050 or $1100, that I just simply don't have the means to afford anymore (it was $962 when we got it initially in April 2009). I am grateful to Dix and [identity profile] asahoshi.livejournal.comfor the offer of space, [identity profile] and her minion E for offering to help with the transportation issues surrounding the move, [personal profile] mdlbear and Mamacat for being so supportive, and Grimm for buying my knives so I have enough $ to scrape by with until circumstances change.

  • conflikt was a fantastic con for me. We didn't see [identity profile] or [identity profile], but we did have one hell of a filler: the one and only [identity profile] I am extremely impressed with the bard's music over the last year.
    • Friday, I was waiting for [identity profile] asahoshi.livejournal.comand company to show up. I'm wearing my tail, and after stopping by the dealer's den to confirm my favorite bard was at his table, I went upstairs to trade a few words with Dad and get my fur suit. Walked back downstairs and showed up and I think he said "Because nobody in their right mind would bring a fur suit to a filk con." He's correct: I'm right handed, so in my left mind. Hehe. Dinner with the [personal profile] mdlbear followed by some really interesting concerts. I was a big fan of Cecelia Eng and Steve Dixon's sets, as they were a nice mix. Black Davey's Ride done earlier in the night followed by Our Mrs. Reynolds (which, for those of you who don't follow Serenity/Firefly is a song about Mal's wife set to the same tune) was just bloody awesome. Awesome filking later on during the open filk, followed by me going to bed @ ~0230 or so.

    • Woke up Saturday morning (uncertainty what time exactly) to have breakfast with the 2 Ds and a J mentioned above (who were my room mates at the con). Got back to the hotel, placed an Interfilk bid or 3, enjoyed every waking moment. Not to mention spending more time with my parents. Had interesting time playing messenger and getting shot, but that was fairly irrelevant due to the fact that con weddings are win when over with. Um...Interfilk voice auction resulted in me & asahoshi getting into a bidding war over a holographic Matrix poster. She started the bidding rather low at $1, then I think I upped it to $5, then 6, then 10, til finally I won it @ $25. Interesting we were the only two bidding on this...*shrug* Mom & Dad donated some of their mutant lemons, which went for a whopping $20. Being that these lemons are infamous, I thought that they'd be worth more. Wrong. Dinner was awesome, mixed with discussion and followed by The Bard's amazing concert. The last 4 songs of his set were Daughters of Angels (which I was busy stuffing my face through), Animals All The Same, (which I was jamming hard near the stage in a bomber jacket/suit), Blood and Passion (again, nomming), and Hymn To Herne (more nom). I may have the order wrong on the last 4, but I know I have my actions right during the songs. My biggest regret about that night aside from the bomber jacket and air guitar on my tail was that I wimped out early for music and didn't get to do dawn patrol.

    • Sunday. That was interesting. Wedding that we slept through ( I didn't really know the couple, and I was hungry), music that I scribbled right before lunch followed by last minute bidding wars on things in the silent IF auction between me, asahoshi and her mother over pens, chocolate covered espresso beans, and candy. I got the pens and chocolate espresso beans. I was borrowing asahoshi's copy of the Heather Alexander song book, then grinned as I finished the lyrics. Lunch ends. We come back to the hotel, I go into the Dealer's room.

      Me: Aja, you going to be at the smoked salmon?"
      Aja: "Yes, of course."
      Me: "Good." and smile knowingly. I have a surprise for you.
      Aja: "I know that look. That's the 'I'm going to have to kill you' look."
      Me: "Yep."

      Shortly thereafter, I smoked him that night with Working On A ConCom. I got points! And his blessing to post it to his fan community. Last time I did this, it was at a NorWesCon in an open filk circle (Lassie Are Ya Tunin. Lyrics for Working On A ConCom will be posted the next time I actually open my song book, which I've not been feeling up to doing since con due to depression/panic.) I'm seeing a pattern here. Savitzkied. Not quite the same ring as Kanefed, but similar effect. Both times, I was singing in front of my idol and I was trembling with stage fright. The fact I had alcohol in my system both times was purely coincidence (IMO).

  • C:tGY [Move II (con't)] -- Move details are pending. Post-con shenanigans include trying to help as best I can of getting the space I'm moving into cleared out, stuff packed into boxes, and will need to have a discussion with the current room mates about when (approximately)I can dismantle the kitchen and pack up my stuff, since most of it's mine. My biggest issues with the current amount of stuff I have is the dresser, amount of clothing, the desk, and a hope chest. I'm hoping I can take the desk apart and reassemble inside my small room, but getting it in there is going to be a trick and a half given the size of the hallway. May have to put it on craigslist or something. *sigh* then spend money for a new desk...wait -- the card table is mine. Yeah, reality bites like that. I'll be trying as much as I can to attempt to move stuff from here to there so I have less to do come next month. Will most likely start bunkering down and doing all of that packing crap after the 20th, as that's when it becomes crunch time for me. I'll also need to score some packing tape I have duct tape. That'll do. There will be a separate posting on move details (possibly even a filker filter) of its own. Now for the question (modified slightly since I'm a free subscriber):If I created a move post tag/filter, would you want to be on it? Options are Yes, No and Clicky. If you give me the latter of the three, I'll be looking for a smart-ass or otherwise humorous answer saying what Clicky means to you. (can also include yes/no answers, if you're so inclined.) Second half of that question is filter or tag: why you'd prefer your answer.

  • Gadget lust [new cell phone] -- the one I have is an old school Sony Ericson W750. It sucks. It has a non-standard (all the phone chargers are now micro USB now, IIRC) charger/USB cable, my USB cable craps out on me when I attempt to charge it, the wall charger is bulky and awkward, and the phone constantly says it has an invalid SIM card. Initially, I wanted the Motorola Backflip, which I learned has been discontinued. The Motorola Bravo appears to be it's successor, camera somewhat more fail-sauce than the Backflip, but if that's the only thing I'm sacrificing...I'm not going to complain. I hate my Ericson so much, and the Moto Bravo has a thingie that lets you locate it! That's a function I will actually use! If I get dumb and leave it in a pocket or plain sight, I can find the damn thing.Want! 'Course, I need to talk to Dad and see about the possibility of getting this done before I move (the issue will be that I'll need to have $70 on me or in my account I can pay with to walk away with it same day and I'm currently broke.) Hopefully, this will happen. I want to shoot my Ericson. I like the idea of having a wi-fi enabled phone, and a functioning QWERTY keyboard. I hate having to press a button 4 times for one letter, more in the case of a 1. Grr.

  • Taxes: Oh yeah. About that. I'll still have to file. It'll be interesting and slightly delayed because I have to wait for my dad to ship up a copy of my tax return from last year (since I asked him nicely to file for me.) Once he does, I'll do it (for the first time)on my own. Bleah. However, based on my sorta income (2 short-lived jobs I had that paid well, relatively) and sponsor membership @ FC 2010, I may be looking @ $349 in ITR (Income Tax Refund). Here's hoping I don't have to chuck it all toward space @ Dix's and I can actually spend it on something useful (driving lessons or sanity checks.) Anyways, now that I've made everyone depressed, I'm going to shut up now. May the rest of 2011 not suck, please?
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 Heyo. I've been busy. Been dealing with shit and having my own bundle of problems, namely of which I'm still unemployed and may be about to lose my place to live. I seem to remember you (or was it your room mate, whose name I can't recall) mentioning something about a willingness to help me if I needed it.
Living here is starting to become increasingly painful, not to mention a lease being increasingly expensive. I've been unable to find a job, I've been unsuccessful at learning to drive and have probably another 3 months to attempt that before needing a new learner's permit/lessons that I can't afford. I have a car that I may need to sell since I can't drive the damn thing (and have to get new tags for that I don't know if I can afford).
2 of my room mates had a semi-falling out. N has (finally) moved out, and we'll probably be losing the current place end of March due to neither me or L having means to make rent. T doesn't look like he's making enough of an effort to better the situation, and for the most part I am trying not to be completely useless. I've been looking for work almost every single day and have been trying very hard to maintain my sanity and optimism while doing so. We're covered rent-wise through end of March, after that I feel I'm screwed and will be either moving back to California with my parents but hopefully not. I'd like to stay in Washington for as long as I can, without moving back to Starport. Not that I don't love my parents dearly, but they've asked me to avoid moving back in if at all possible.
If you can advise me or help at all, I would love to hear from you. Thanks.

There are some people I'll be trying to talk to at [ profile] conflikt  to see if I can find a temporary solution to a long-term problem.
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Recurring theme that I don't seem to update until I have something to say. I'll try to get better. Argh.

I do believe in cut tags...(Relationship) )

I do I do believe in cut tags...(Sammamish Ridge Apartment Fire Update )

I do I do I do believe in cut tags (moving options) )

Edit 1738: Garlic Jim's wants to give me a job interview tomorrow. I've got no problem with this.
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I'm getting a feeling that everything is starting to fall apart and the only thing I'm left with is a pair of boot laces that aren't long enough to pull myself out of this hole.

Here's why I think this. )

Also, please remember that I am a social creature. If you have to get my attention, calling me or dropping an IM/Email works better than sending me a "Hey, you need to read my blog" comment because I won't remember. I'll read posts as I can, and my responses will be sporadic.
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OK. To recap. I got laid off from USArchive on May 7. I've been looking for work since middle of April, trying to do something that would make me employed for a longer stint than 3 months. I may've found it.

2 weeks ago, I submit an application to work at SMX (A temp to hire agency currently helping Amazon Fresh at a warehouse facility.). Last week, I went in for my interview )
I have job nao!
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Well, frack. For those of you who don't know, I got laid off last Friday. I filed this morning (via online) for unemployment. I am going to Shadow Accord this weekend in order to maintain some sanity in order to have the coherence or mindset to go job hunting at all on Monday. For those of you who remember, I started work on 02102010. Almost 3 months later (05072010) I got laid off.

I hate life. I really do. Thank you to [ profile] ksharra and company for inviting me to the Den for relaxation and otherwise.

[ profile] selkit: I am trying. I really am.
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No, I'm not dead. Yes, I realize I haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy looking for a frackin' job. If there's something about your life you truly want/need me to know, please call my cell or drop me an email.

Job Hunt )

Car )

And now for something completely different: shameless plug of Chaos of Creation. I have a few things done that I'm trying to sell in order to put gas in BorkBox. This will help me pay for gas into the BorkBox so I can keep my learning machine fueled. My commission list has one piece on it that I am attempting to finish next week, and after that will be out of "work" again. If you want a price quote on something, get in touch with me.
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Had a second interview for Cost Plus this morning. Looking at it rihgt after it happened, I'd say it went well. Looking at it with hindsight, I may have sabotaged my chances by saying the wrong thing. *sigh* I just want a gorram job. Too much to ask? Thought so....

With the exception of this one (as it's still too early to tell if I have the job or not), every interview I've had since moving up here has been a dead end where they either hire someone better qualified for the position or someone less qualified wanting untrained monkies as opposed to those with training. I have stared at Craigslist for days on end, responding to anything I think I'm qualified for and can get to easily. 2/3 never respond, and the ones that do are some sort of money institution that I don't trust if it's based in another country.

I just want something about this damn job hunt to go my way. For once...preferably before I hit rock bottom. 
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[ profile] mdlbear pingged me yesterday via IM.  This is an <an abbreviated (and probably inaccurate) recap. ) 

Next afternoon when I head over to SFB, I have my tools and chain mail with me.  A few pieces completed for sale, a few for show and enough tools/metal to keep me busy during the concert. I finish a bracelet during the first half. During intermission, hugs to people:[Bad username or unknown identity: runnerwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: randwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: cflute ][ profile] kendaer , and a few others  I recognized from the [ profile] alexanderfans (Heather) concerts in Palo Alto. Purchases of albums: Mythcreants by Tricky Pixie, and the 4 albums by [ profile] s00j (Tangles, Sirens, Haphazard, Blessings). Hugs also dispensed to [ profile] tfabris , [ profile] vixyish , [ profile] s00j , and [ profile] stealthcello  by [profile] flower_cat 's request. Showed off the chain mail pieces I had done:
  •  a dice bag in many colors
  • a Euro 6 in 1 black & purple necklace
  • 4 in 1 box black and purple necklace
  •  sterling silver flower bracelet
  • Euro 6 in 1 sheet on a leather cuff
  • beginnings of my next dice bag
  • silver colored copper box bracelet
Was working on the dice bag during the 2nd half. Afterwards, showed off the pieces to a few folks who hadn't seen my shiny. 2 people asked me for contact info upon seeing the 6 in 1 necklace, and [ profile] vixyish encourages me to set up an Etsi store --- in addition to asking me for a necklace similar to the one I was showing off. I am pleased, and hadn't had any business cards handy. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.  My room mate was right in that I needed business cards, and I didn't have any. D'oh.

After  I got home, I found my shipment from RingLord sitting on my bed. That will be enough wire to keep me occupied for a while, however I misgauged the thickness of what I ordered. Oops. guess I'll be making atrip out to Home Depot in order to get some thicker ga wire for the belts. The music was frigging awesome. I'd heard The Girl Who's Never Been before, but never as magical as I'd heard it last night. That was awesome and win! I <3 Kitten Sundae. I really hope there's an album in their future. I want  more pretty music! 

 I should shut up and go to sleep now. D'oh.
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Update: I extend a very warm thank you to [ profile] mdlbear   for bringing Cindy up, and taking L and I out to dinner. I appreciated it immensely, despite the fact i got rather homesick and teary-eyed after you left. I love you all, and every time I think about home for some reason, tears always comes to my eyes. I miss my mate [ profile] selkit , my family, my gaming, my pizza days, my space, my hangout pictures of [ profile] selkit , my friends..... my social groups....Wednesdays.....parties.....SCA events, the filk...the cons.......everything. I miss it all. There's nothing I can do about my homesickness. 

RIP --- Duke Theodrik. AKA: Derek Peterson.

Job hunt:  I got a call from Cost Plus this morning. I answered whether I was willing to take 2 days a week with shifts starting at 0300, and if I was capable of working from 2200 to 0600 the rest of the week with positive responses and enthusiasm. The interview itself ifs set up for Wednesday morning (this week) at 0800. If you wish to be kept informed on the results of that interview; your options are to either watch this space or call me later that day.
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I never put milk in my coffee...until today. I found one that tasted terrible as black. It's not Barefoot! *sniff* Oh well. I can't have what I want all the time....

In other news: looking around for a cheap bed for the roomie and some storage stuffs for the living room in hopes of having the apartment cleaned up a bit before [ profile] mdlbear's visit next weekend.


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