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Highlights (in no particular order.)
  • Met family, Dad's side. Lots of cousins that I didn't know/didn't remember I had. Lots of "I want a copy of  CC&S
    • sold chain mail bracelet to one of my cousins.
    • Had really good fish, 2 days in a row.
  • Celtic Fest out in Hoodsport, thereabouts.
    • Had delicious yet crunchy hefferwiezen, which wasn't bad.
    • bought new renfair-ish shirt, backup garb for SA
    • got fitted for a new kilt (not utilikilt, but close enough.) didn't buy it due to lack of funds.
  • Got checks in mail as allowance/text book offset.
  • Started reading Warriors by Erin Hunter. Good series. Need to start book 3.
  • Cleaned my room (again).

Sadly, nothing new to report that I can sum up easily. I've been feeling a good deal of depression recently, and I've no idea why. I don't know if it's because of my recent lack of relationship, sleep deprivation, boredom, homesickness, or sheer "I don't want to do anything." It could be a combination of all these things, but I would <3 to figure out why. That's neither here nor there, I suppose.

Aside to [personal profile] technoshaman : I meant to stay longer in Seattle today, but due to a nearly dead phone battery was deciding to head home from there. We should perhaps schedule dinner and w00t shirt retrieval another time.

Aside to self: finish the chain shirt. Take a few pics, and try to sell the damn thing. Really, you'll deserve to sell it, you've put in enough hours. Work on website when motivation = found. Hmmm...Is that what I should do with Make it my chain mail store thingie? Hmm.....will ask [personal profile] mdlbear about that sort of thing. Yes. Later.

Special Day

Mar. 8th, 2010 07:31 am
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Today's a special day. Not sure why, but I've been looking forward to this for a while. Not just because of the fact my chain shirt package arrives today. but probably because it's the Monday of Shadow Accord week. SA is the LARP group I am now involved with, courtesy of [ profile] asahoshi. Also because I'll finally stop typing 03082010 as the date for a lot of things.....grrrf.

This chain shirt I'll be making is going to be a good learning experience for me in terms of my weaving, and it will give me a template to use for future reference. Will also give me something else to do In Game. Speaking of game, wow. I just realized I'm pack-less. Hopefully this will change soon, either by me creating one or me joining one. In either case, I'm going to be busy with this shirt IG and OOG.In terms of pack, I am not looking for one to take me in right away. I've talked to one person about forming a pack of our own, although he may be joining another pack instead. I'm not worried by this, I'm just...a loner for now. I really hope this changes.
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Cut because I'm tired. )

Aside to select individuals:
  • [ profile] kendaer: I'll be talking to you via email re: the shirt you wanted for Legacies. I am learning a pattern in my copious spare time (*snerk*) and currently don't have enough aluminum to make it with. More details on that later.

  • [ profile] runnerwolf: More details on gofur stuff will be forthcoming when you're ready for it. If I'm still living up here in a year, I'd love to help with this con.

  • [ profile] vixyish: I will contact you in the next month or so to possibly discuss particulars of a necklace you wanted from me a few months back. Purple chain, Euro 6-1 pattern etc. Once your life calms down a bit, I mean (that whole 2 cons in 1 week thing.)

  • [ profile] pacfenspotlight: I will PM you or comment on your LJ when I have my [ profile] alexanderfans pics posted, as you wanted shots of Alec.

That's all for now. I'm tired and need to go to bed.
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Nice way to end 2009. Here's why. )

I just want to live somewhat normally: a job, family, stable place to live....all at once.
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No, I'm not dead. Yes, I realize I haven't posted in a while because I've been too busy looking for a frackin' job. If there's something about your life you truly want/need me to know, please call my cell or drop me an email.

Job Hunt )

Car )

And now for something completely different: shameless plug of Chaos of Creation. I have a few things done that I'm trying to sell in order to put gas in BorkBox. This will help me pay for gas into the BorkBox so I can keep my learning machine fueled. My commission list has one piece on it that I am attempting to finish next week, and after that will be out of "work" again. If you want a price quote on something, get in touch with me.
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Everything you would find in here that I've eluded to as being done is listed here as more than I initially figured it would because I discovered recently how much of a pain it is (and time consuming) to make my own coils. Easy to duplicate the colors, but I'd need another kit from RingLord. The color pattern along the bottom of the bag is unique, due to the fact that I had no idea what I was starting with.

Plans currently are going towards paying for my trip to Grand Central Starport this Christmas. I would love to go back to a Wednesday, and with your help; this may be possible.
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[ profile] mdlbear pingged me yesterday via IM.  This is an <an abbreviated (and probably inaccurate) recap. ) 

Next afternoon when I head over to SFB, I have my tools and chain mail with me.  A few pieces completed for sale, a few for show and enough tools/metal to keep me busy during the concert. I finish a bracelet during the first half. During intermission, hugs to people:[Bad username or unknown identity: runnerwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: randwolf, ][Bad username or unknown identity: cflute ][ profile] kendaer , and a few others  I recognized from the [ profile] alexanderfans (Heather) concerts in Palo Alto. Purchases of albums: Mythcreants by Tricky Pixie, and the 4 albums by [ profile] s00j (Tangles, Sirens, Haphazard, Blessings). Hugs also dispensed to [ profile] tfabris , [ profile] vixyish , [ profile] s00j , and [ profile] stealthcello  by [profile] flower_cat 's request. Showed off the chain mail pieces I had done:
  •  a dice bag in many colors
  • a Euro 6 in 1 black & purple necklace
  • 4 in 1 box black and purple necklace
  •  sterling silver flower bracelet
  • Euro 6 in 1 sheet on a leather cuff
  • beginnings of my next dice bag
  • silver colored copper box bracelet
Was working on the dice bag during the 2nd half. Afterwards, showed off the pieces to a few folks who hadn't seen my shiny. 2 people asked me for contact info upon seeing the 6 in 1 necklace, and [ profile] vixyish encourages me to set up an Etsi store --- in addition to asking me for a necklace similar to the one I was showing off. I am pleased, and hadn't had any business cards handy. Guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow.  My room mate was right in that I needed business cards, and I didn't have any. D'oh.

After  I got home, I found my shipment from RingLord sitting on my bed. That will be enough wire to keep me occupied for a while, however I misgauged the thickness of what I ordered. Oops. guess I'll be making atrip out to Home Depot in order to get some thicker ga wire for the belts. The music was frigging awesome. I'd heard The Girl Who's Never Been before, but never as magical as I'd heard it last night. That was awesome and win! I <3 Kitten Sundae. I really hope there's an album in their future. I want  more pretty music! 

 I should shut up and go to sleep now. D'oh.
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Today's link saussage goes to my DeviantArt portfolio. RikoDingo was one of the few aliases (of RPG characters I have) that wasn't already taken. Currently, 2 images from my chain gallery are there. I haven't gotten around to doing anything major with the site, but I intend to move the art (icons included) over to that site eventually.

Accomplished and recently featured on Chaos of Creation:

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Here goes. Update )
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The Gypsy Continues. )
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Okay, so you've been watching this space. Wanting more information. Here ya go. Apartment Travels )

Enough about the apartment. I need sleep now.
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Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years )
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Most Recent Project: Jurann = Done. Next Up: [ profile] spazzychic. Wait List: 0 Picture of Jurann's bag later.

Oh, and real life recently got in the way. All commissions are now on hold because as spazzychic said: "Real life > chainmail."
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Commissioned by: Jurann
ETA to completion: Unknown

Wait list: 0

*NOTE: I know there are a few people who I owe commissions, and I promise once I have the funding to obtain the material I will get it completed.

FC was good in the respect that I got 2 commissions during con. One of them was trade for a tail, the other is for profit.
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I just finished making a chain mail pic:

for TBA at school.

Also finished uploading the backlog of pictures from V-day and a few other random shots of [ profile] sucrosesanction. Hey, Panda --- your pics are done.

Also for S&G added some pics of my darling [ profile] selkit into the Personal Pictures scrapbook gallery.
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Now that I'm no longer commissioned by [ profile] kizmet100, I am going to look at the next item on the list.

[ profile] warpmind: yours may be a while; as I'm short materials for it and still uncertain how to construct it for now. I'm learning, so please bear with me.

[ profile] kshandra: Will obtain proper color/size as income allows. Apologies for such a delay.

*feels sheepish for admitting a backlog and lack of materials, slight blush.*

Oh, and sister being irritating again in all the wrong ways. I'm shutting up and going to bed now.


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