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So, in case you're wondering: 

1) Yes, I turn 30 this year. Sorry if it makes you feel old.

2) I do have plans. If you're not a part of the facebook group Rainbow's End and you want to be, let us know and we'll add you.

3) If you're wondering what those plans are, reposted here for if you don't FB.

Q: What are you going to do for your birthday?
After much decision on my part, I thought instead of sushi (which has been my usual for many years) I would introduce you all to my favorite Mongolian Grill (602, Mukilteo Speedway, Mukilteo, WA). It's a lovely little grill that reminds me very much of Sunny's in Santa Clara, CA. Tastes good; Alex and I can get decent-sized portions for about $25 (for two people. Dinner price). Exact time is still being nailed down, stay tuned.

They do lunches, and I am thinking because it's a Monday that dinner might be easier to give people time to arrive. It's in the QFC parking lot, so it's fairly easy to spot.

Q: What do you want for your birthday?

A: Presents aren't necessary. I mean, in the grand scheme of things if you feel that presents are a thing (which is common and polite in our species' society), your presence at dinner and the company would be enough. Desired gifts, if that is your thing: money is always useful and can be put to practical use, as I have quite a few uses for it. If you want to get me something tangible that isn't money, ask me off-line (via email or IM).

Q: Kat, can we come over afterwards to your apartment?

A: My living room may look somewhat presentable, though my office and kitchen are a bit of a mess. It's not very large either, so I don't know if we'd be able to accommodate a group of people afterwards. Also depends on how Alex is feeling.

Q: Can we discuss plans that don't involve going over to your apartment afterward?

A: Sure! Most likely on the day of. If you have a suggestion you want me to consider before then, let me know.

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Well, more or less. I've aged another year. Dinner was good, tomorrow will be good with sushi, and my plans will happen involving FBQs and fur meets. (For those of you non-furs, a FBQ stands for FurBQ.)

This is a great quote sequence in reference to the upcoming Saturday:

Quote behind the cut. )Quote behind the cut. )Quote behind the cut. )
Is that where you put a Furry on a spit and cook it til all the muppet fur falls off? :twisted:
My response: 

ICEBERG wrote:Is that where you put a Furry on a spit and cook it til all the muppet fur falls off? :twisted:

No. We all get into suits and play twister as Helios BBQs the people under the Fur. Hence why it's a FBQ.

As for other plans throughout the month and then some: 

  • Tomorrow: Meeting with Raikon (another furry) for brunchy thing/hanging out followed by dinner with [personal profile] technoshaman  in celebration of the above-mentioned notch on the sword, spend night in Seattle.
  • Friday: return home to Marysville, get fur suit from where it resides and attempt to piece it together while waiting for the FBQ on 
  • Saturday: Go to FBQ from noonish to 1700ish. Frisbee, noms, furries, art, and stuff.
  • Sunday: Meet up with friend Leo and hang out with him, crash @ his place, return home tomorrow.
  • Monday: recover from weekend, get sleep for tomorrow
  • Tuesday: Orientation. Yay. For fall quarter. Fun fun. (Looking forward to going back to school, not looking forward to the rest of it.)
  • Try to make plans for Epic Movie Night on the 16th of Jul, ditto for Bellevue Fur Meet take 2 on the 23rd (jul), somewhere in there remember to buy RF membership
  • after off to Kansas or wherever and hang out with [ profile] wolfwings  for a bit.
  • September: return sometime before school/RF, go buy books, get excited because I'll see my parents at the con
    • Try to figure out how the hell I'll manage to swing getting to the con Thursday night and back to school Fri if my schedule leads that direction. Bleah.
    • Hope I'm back for game...need to confirm with Wolf on that.


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I get long-winded and complex, but I have updates. Cut to spare your friends page. )

I think that's enough of my ramblings for now.
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[ profile] firewolf74 and [ profile] da_pimpmasta.

BTW, just got new button for skype. If you see me, I'm on.
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Hippo birdies to [ profile] sharyse.

QOTD: bookwyrm172006 wearing wi-fi detector shirt: "I also use my shirt as a cute guy detector because all of the guys I'm attracted to are geeks."
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Hippo Birdies to [ profile] gridlore and [ profile] figmo.

The con was very interesting, to say the least. I seriously had no idea that I was saving so much bacon. The story is behind the cut. )

As for birthday plans, I don't have much. We're holding a party on Fri (7/6) from Noon till 1900ish then heading to Kobe for dinner. If you are interested in the dinner run, please be aware you will be paying your own tab. It can get a bit pricey.


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