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This is only one of my new things, and I'll post lyrics to the other one later.

Come To Conflikt © chaoswolf 2012

TTO: Come Together by Paul McCartney & John Lennon

Here come old Creed Lombard.
He come grooving up slowly.
He got little banjo on back.
He one good singer.
He got child down below his knee.
Got to be a filker to just play what you please.

He wear no shoe shine.
He got big filk circle.
He drink diet cola.
He use no guitar picks.
He say I hear you, you hear  me.
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Talis album production.
She got new shiny.
She got good sound crew.
She one cool person.
She got fans down below her knee.
Hold you in your seats so you can hear sing please.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.

Dixon's new guitar.
He got nice new strings.
He got old songbook.
He one old filker.
He say. "One song, one song, one song sing me."
Got to be singin' cause he's so rare to see.
Come to Conflikt right now over me.
Come to Conflikt.

On a completely different note (well, OK. At con note), I uploaded a music video of The Reckoning by Steve Dixon. Used by permission. The "stereo Signing" is bloody awesome. More con notes to come later.

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Nice way to end 2009. Here's why. )

I just want to live somewhat normally: a job, family, stable place to live....all at once.
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Today's link saussage goes to my DeviantArt portfolio. RikoDingo was one of the few aliases (of RPG characters I have) that wasn't already taken. Currently, 2 images from my chain gallery are there. I haven't gotten around to doing anything major with the site, but I intend to move the art (icons included) over to that site eventually.

Accomplished and recently featured on Chaos of Creation:

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Here goes. Update )
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The Gypsy Continues. )
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Chaoswolf: The Gypsy Years )
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...and this image was just too cool to pass up. cut to save your f-list )
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[ profile] selkit told me to create stuff after the con. I agreed, mostly because I needed something besides packing that I would enjoy/learn from. I discovered this quaint little PaperPalm when [ profile] mdlbear and I went to the Computer History Museum. I filled a few gaps in Millenium's Dawn about things I didn't know (Deep Blue, Hal, etc) and thought wait a second. I have a geeky PDA now. I must create a pouch for it, since I'll be using it when I go north. Hmmm.... "Dad, can we stop @ REI on the way home?" Dad agreed, we went to REI, picked up a purple bandanna for Mom, a UnderArmor white shirt, nylon webbing, belt of similar, a few buckles and some other gizmos that I figured would be useful in my craft efforts. Dad got a new hat and something else, I forgot. But, I made this pouch today. I'm a leather crafter now. *evil laugh.*

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Most Recent Project: Jurann = Done. Next Up: [ profile] spazzychic. Wait List: 0 Picture of Jurann's bag later.

Oh, and real life recently got in the way. All commissions are now on hold because as spazzychic said: "Real life > chainmail."
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vampire megabyte v3 vampire megabyte v3
same as v2, but with bevel and emboss, cover overlay and stroke effects added to the text.

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vampire megabyte 1 vampire megabyte 1
First attempt at concept art for Vampire Megabyte was a megabyte chip that had fangs. Looked too much like the D&D binder I used to have, the green fangs were for added effect and the Terminal font sucked for symbols, so I painted the apostrophe.
vampire megabyte 2 vampire megabyte 2
ASCII art with a downloaded font that was actually capable of handling symbols. Thought it looked kinda cool, actually. Selkit told me that the megabyte 1 didn't look right, but I think this one is the better of the two. Woah, did I really draw that vampire out of symbols? The monitor is an image I googled for; screen was the wrong color and I couldn't figure out what color meant fire.

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Quiet Victories Draft
[ profile] mdlbear asked me to try coming up with something for his song Quiet Victories to use as a background image on the webpage. This is my attempt.
Quiet Victories Draft


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