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Been too long since I updated. Here's where I'm at.
  • Room mates acquired. Nice living arrangement worked out.
  • School still sucks. Not done with it yet, and may have another couple quarters to go. 
  • Job obtained, but not paying. Which sucks. Not on workstudy, so no pay. Blows.
  • Still poor. Financial aid happened, which is good, but doesn't make me feel any better about my life.
  • I hate programming, which is weird because I did OK (C grades last quarter in my programming classes) and an 83% or better mid-way through this quarter [Jquery & PHP).
  • Job needs to happen that I get paid for, so I can do something exciting. This icon hasn't changed in a while for precisely that reason. The last time USArchive was hiring, nobody got back to me and it was such short notice that I didn't even see it until post-interview time. Sucks balls.
  • Cons: I don't go to any. Well, maybe NorWes, Conflikt, and Rainfurrest. That's it. 2-3 a year on average since moving to WA. I can't afford to because I don't have a job. 
  • Crafts: Haven't in a while. Still have that shirt that I've been working on, but it's in the garage somewhere and need to find it so I can finish it.
  • Updates: If you want  a more detailed one than what you find here, call me or send an email. I don't update as much as I used to, not from lack of trying. These days mostly because I'm too wiped when I get home to do so.
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