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Well, fuck. [personal profile] mdlbear realizes it's a catch-22 situation -- I can't look for a job until you have a place to live, and I can't get a place to live unless I have a job. I have no tolerance for room mates anymore (mostly because of past roomies before present one) and don't really want to pursue that option unless I have no other choice. There's progress on that front, that I will detail later.

Meanwhile, this week's assignment for MGMT 240 is: "OPEN FORUM! Talk about anything you want - Facebook, YouTube, your Blog... whatever! What has caught your attention so far this quarter about E-Marketing?"

"I found the chapter on video blogs to be the most interesting so far. When I created my video, I had no idea that it'd get 34 views within 4 hours after I posted and even less of a clue how to handle the barrage of questions such as "You actually got him to record this? Wow! How awesome is that?" and so forth. I had no idea that my humble homework assignment of creating that video would make the artist(s) cry "in a good way" because it was so beautiful.

I want to extend my thanks to Autumn, Steve, Jenny, and Judi for letting me transform your work into something awesome.

I want to extend another thanks to Jeff for giving me the freedom to choose what our project was for that chapter -- this is by far the most awesome thing I have done with a camera to date."

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