Nov. 2nd, 2012

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 Once again, my life is not very interesting. I mean, getting paid $400 for a chain shirt project is interesting, but that'll be part of my tuition payment.  I need to figure out where I'll be living at the end of April, because that's when my lease runs out. I am liking the not having room mates thing, but I will revert back to that option if I have to. I still don't have a job, and I try to stay optimistic about getting one but everywhere I've looked has either already filled the positions, has some corporate BS via a website, requires a car and a drivers license, or just doesn't have the means to make that happen. I'm sort of hoping the parents manage to give me more information about this house-share they're planning with some other friends of theirs, and am fairly sure I'll be able to move there when that becomes an option (in the distant future, I've come to understand.)

I was invited to Orycon, but because of any details not being worked out last weekend, I didn't even find out that I was invited until I missed a phone call from my mom. Therefore, didn't go. I'll be seeing Wreck-it-Ralph tomorrow with s/o, then will be spending most of my afternoon either on craigslist looking for work, or on TOR goofing off because my brain will be sufficiently melted when I get done looking for shit to do on CL. *sigh* I hate my world right now. I mean, realistically...catching up on [personal profile] mdlbear 's blog has been great and everything, but seeing his success with $D makes me feel.....inadequate. Like I have to go to him and scrape for cash that I don't have with my paws held out like a beggar. Because that's what I am...or at least it feels that way. 

Life sucks. I accept that. But damn you, Murphy! Apply your law to someone who deserves it!


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